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Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Group: How do megacities evolve?

Recently, Victor AI, founder and CEO of Terminus Groupwas invited to Tencent Global Digital Ecology Conference and delivered a speech on AI CITY. In Victor AI’s opinion, the AI CITY should be understood as an advanced stage of the digital and intelligent transformation of cities in the future, being the result of quantitative accumulation to qualitative progress made in the field of technology.

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In this speech, Victor AI presented the application of “OTA” in the AI CITY for the first time. OTA with a full name of “Over-The-Air Technology”, activates the real needs and requirements of the public, as well as promote the upgrade of the information push to a more decentralized system.

In respect to the application in the AI CITY, the software of Terminus AI CITY, leveraged by the OTA solutions, is an indispensable part of the infrastructure. As the OTA-backed software, each subdivision scene in the AI CITY will be captured and personalized requests will be flexibly and instantly responded, tailing systematic complete solutions.

In Victor AI’s opinion, Terminus AI CITY is bound to redefine the concept of ‘city’. Empowered by the aforementioned software and running on Terminus Group’s independently developed TACOS(Terminus AI CITY Operating System), a system that allows isolated operating systems to merge with each other, Terminus AI CITY will surely turn solving the city’ problems into a more efficient and agile process. By following the transformation, it is expected to enter the new era of AI CITY at a scale larger than ever.

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According to Victor AI, human society has been steadily evolving from the traditional information age, transforming into ‘the information-driven AI economy age’. New ICT technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, and so forth, have enabled many offline urban services to move online and become digitalized as a result, therefore promoting the transition into one more intelligent approach towards solving the city problems and introducing autonomous decision-making processes. As a massive plethora of inherently connected business operations and the most productive economical unit, the city will gradually evolve into a form of a digital intelligent platform, known as the AI CITY. As a culmination of digital intelligent solutions, the AI CITY is destined to become a driving force of the new economy, bringing plenty of new opportunities and challenges alike.

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