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iTranslate launches AI Powered Writing Assistant App, Grammatica

iTranslate, the language technology company behind the world’s leading independent translation app with over 200 million global downloads, announced today the launch of its newest product: Grammatica, the AI-powered writing assistant app.

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Grammatica is a personal proofreader for emails, texts and more, delivering a robust and reactive grammar optimization tool that empowers users around the world to become more confident in their writing and texting. Messages can be composed in the app itself, or via the included keyboard extension in all of the world’s leading messaging & communications apps. Powered by the advanced machine learning algorithms developed by iTranslate’s team of seasoned engineers and mathematicians, Grammatica offers comprehensive grammar solutions from predictive typing to autocorrection, and from synonyms to style suggestions.

Grammatica is iTranslate’s newest and most powerful entry in a suite of products designed to create clear and effective communication. Starting with the eponymous iTranslate app launched in [2008], the 2018 Apple Design Award winner Converse and the innovative language learning app Lingo, iTranslate has continuously innovated in the language space. Grammatica is the newest and most powerful addition to that tradition: it is a revolutionary writing assistant that empowers people – both native and non-native English speakers – to become more confident in their writing and texting.

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