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Top SaaS and Software Providers that are Helping and Enabling COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic at the start of 2020 has brought disruption and halt to many peoples’ lives and daily activities. Throughout the year, scientists and doctors around the world have been working hard to find ways and means to have a manageable remedy (read: vaccine) for the virus. The hard work of these dedicated individuals has led to the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine by scientists and doctors all around the world.

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Top SaaS and Software Providers that are Helping and Enabling COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

The discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine has enabled many SaaS and Software providers to help with the distribution of the vaccine. Let us look at some of these software providers that are enabling the distribution of the vaccine and how they are doing it.

1. Salesforce

Salesforce has launched a new website called for Vaccines. This website has been specially designed to provide government and healthcare organizations with the help they need for a safe and efficient platform to manage vaccine programs. The main features of for Vaccines include a command center for public health, appointments, and management of vaccination and inventory, notifications regarding public health, etc. Customers using this website can design, build, and integrate, as well as manage vaccine programs on a platform that is trusted and flexible.

2. Microsoft

Microsoft is another software provider that has launched a COVID-19 vaccine management platform. They have partnered up with other providers like EY and Mazik Global to help governments and healthcare organizations to have a fair vaccine distribution. It also helps with the administrating and monitoring of the delivery of the vaccine. Microsoft has provided over 230 emergency COVID-19 responses on a global scale.

3. Accenture

Accenture has recently launched a comprehensive solution for the management of the COVID-19 vaccine. This solution helps the government as well as various healthcare organizations to develop a rapid and effective plan for different vaccination programs as well as vaccine distribution. Accenture has a specific feature that allows contact tracing. Through this feature, the whole vaccination process is securely tracked, from the start of the registration process to the administration of the vaccine, etc.

4. VigiLanz

VigiLanz has launched a new vaccination support software that enables the management of the whole vaccination process. The software provides a solution for streamlining the administration and the management of the vaccine. Healthcare workers can automate workflow, register, and provide the necessary consent. It also has different kinds of analytics features that provide a different kinds of insights and analytics related to the vaccine.

5. DocASAP

DocASAP has launched its COVID-19 Vaccination Coordination Solution. This solution aims at providing healthcare workers to meet the high demands relating to the vaccine. This is done through features that make the vaccination process more efficient. There is pre-appointment engagement, online appointment scheduling and reminders, and post-appointment wellness tracking, etc.

6. Allied Identity

Vaxtrac is comprehensive vaccination management and credentialing platform launched by Allied Identity to help the response to COVID-19 globally. Vaxtrac incorporates software from a platform that enables the vaccination records and credentials to be stored securely.

7. BioIntelliSense

UCHealth has launched the BioIntelliSense BioButton Vaccine Monitoring Solution. This solution provides medical-grade gear or devices to monitor the vital signs of an individual who has received the vaccine. With the help of the device, individuals can fill a daily vaccination health survey to provide various data and insights about any signs or symptoms. This makes the management of the follow-up process more efficient.

8. Net Health

An internet based Mobile Immunisation Tracking platform has been developed by Net Health. Through this platform, the management of on-site immunization, tracking, verification, recording of consent forms, etc., can be done digitally. Any information regarding the vaccine can be accessed from the database of the Centres for Disease Control so that healthcare workers will not have to enter data manually. This saves time and improves accuracy.

9. MTX Group

MTX Group has launched a comprehensive solution for COVID-19 vaccine administration, management, and distribution. This solution incorporates all aspects related to the COVID-19 vaccination program, from its administration to the management of inventory. The MTX Group solution also ensures that all aspects of the vaccination program are managed on a secure, portable, and interoperable platform.

The global pandemic that started in March 2020 has slowly taken a turn for the good. This has been possible with the discovery of the COVID-19 vaccine. The distribution of the vaccine is an integral part of the step towards the end of the pandemic. It is, therefore, crucial that the distribution, management, and administration of the vaccine is done smoothly. This has been possible with the help of various SaaS and Software Providers mentioned above.

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