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Outbound Call Tracking Technologies Enabling Better Processes for Sales

Outbound sales are an integral part of any business. They help the business boost significantly and help to get more customers without any marketing. Therefore, every firm needs to focus on these types of calls to ensure that their quality is maintained so that more and more people can be turned into buyers for the firm. Considering this, many technologies are developing to aim at this issue. They tend to ensure that the firm is profiting from the outbound calls and thereby ease the work of the business.

Importance of outbound sales

Like any normal corporate selling, outbound calls or outbound sales are the processes in which sales representatives try to interact with new customers and engage them in buying their products or services. This is done through emails and cold calls in which the representative must follow up with the potential buyer, call him, provide demos, negotiate with the buyer and then try to close the deal. As opposed to inbound sales, these do not depend on marketing or advertising technologies. The leads for outbound sales are cold, depicting that the consumer ideally has no interest in the business previously. In inbound sales, the customer gains an interest in the business through advertising and further makes purchases.

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Benefits of outbound call tracking technologies

Outbound calling is an essential part of sales and marketing. To keep up with the increasing pace of business, it is only wise to introduce better technologies to help with outbound calls. Here are some benefits of introducing technologies to handle outbound sales for your business:

  • Boosts your outbound sales calling process.
  • Automates your email outreach.
  • Have call information on hand instantly.
  • Automate the voicemail processes.
  • Improves call routing and call recording.
  • Helps access the Key Performance Indicators of every sales representative.
  • Helps find out your return-on-investment factor.
  • Helps improve your marketing strategies and create new ones to help.

Top tools for outbound call tracking

Many CRMs are designed keeping in mind the needs of outbound sales and marketing. They can improve your business performance and ensure that your sales needs are met. Based on your requirement, you might like different CRM solutions. Some major CRM solutions for your business include: –

  • Close CRM: this software is built keeping in mind the concept of outbound sales. This product aims at providing power dialing, predictive dialing, lead management, and build-in SMS services to its clients. It is, therefore extremely easy to use yet powerful reporting tool. The best part about this feature is how affordable it is. Per-user, its price ranges between $35- $145 per month, which is cheaper than other such options.
  • Pipedrive: just like Close CRM, this solution is also designed to meet the demands of the sales department. However, it aims at sales for small businesses or individuals, so if you are looking for this as a big business, scaling might be a problem for you. The interface of this software is quite easy to interpret and has drag and drop lead management options. In addition to this, you also get access to pipeline management features. The calling features, however, are provided only for the $50 per user package.
  • Outreach: Outreach can help you plan a specific program to Outreach your potential buyers. Therefore, it plans out the entire process for your sales representatives, telling them when to mail, call, or text. However, Outreach can turn another CRM into an outbound sales tool. Therefore, to get all its functionalities, you should pay for some other tool like HubSpot or Salesforce along with this.
  • Salesloft: just like Outbound, Salesloft can also turn another CRM into a great outbound sales tool. In addition to other benefits, it also allows you to integrate your LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which can be essential for social selling. This product comes packed with many calling and email tools. However, the calling only works for the US and Canada.
  • Salesforce: essentially, salesforce does not contain any calling features. But when you amalgamate it with their Lightning Dialer product, you can get options for outbound and inbound calls. The calls, just like in Salesloft, are available only for the US and Canada, so you cannot get the advantage of interventional calls. However, if you are already trusting this CRM with your team, this can prove to be a good choice.

Many such technologies have eased the work of businesses when it comes to outbound call tracking. This is an essential component for many businesses now and has helped improve significantly for the growth of the businesses. With all the information and analysis by such technological tools, businesses have focused on improving their approach towards marketing which has ultimately led to great profits and increased customer database.

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