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Inbound Sales Scheduling Technologies and Software

Here are a few CRMs that focus on inbound sales scheduling to ease out sales follow-ups and to ensure that your sales team can be the most productive:

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1. Pega Sales Automation

Driven by AI, this software aims at helping regulate your sales cycle and thereby increase your revenue and boost the productivity of your sales representatives. With the intelligence that the software runs on, sales reps can glide through the process of every sale and close them quickly. Its features produce an accurate prediction for cross-selling, repeat purchases, upselling, and other elements that target inbound sales and regulate them easily. On the central dashboard of the software, you can locate automatically generated personalized offers for all your clients based on their preferences and needs and even ranking to display the performance efficiency of your sales staff.

2. HubSpot

The primary aim of HubSpot has been to automatize all the complicated manual tasks and increase the productivity of your employees. It provides attention to all processes, including recording calls, logging emails, and managing data for the organization by producing relevant results that are more important. The time saved through these processes can also be used to conduct inbound sales and maximize sales rep’s productivity. This product is highly recommended for all small businesses. HubSpot is free for use and comes with many free features that small businesses can use, such as meetings scheduler, email tracking, chatbot builder, email marketing with up to 2000 emails per month, contacts, and pipeline management, and many more.

3. Bpm’online sales

Bpm’online sales is essentially a cloud-based CRM platform that aims at working on end-to-end sales automation. Through the software, you will quickly form revenue, sales, and email reports that have to be shared within the organization. Along with easing the sales reports system, it also predicts sales, sending emails with templates and meeting schedule. The technology allows you to regulate your sales process, thereby making it way more straightforward and smoother for your sales reps. This also makes it easier for you to manage your sales team with an overview of all the automated lead scoring technologies. With all this, it becomes easier to follow up on all sales till the end of each sales process.

4. Autoklose

As another great sales automation platform, Autoklose integrates well with Salesforce and comes preloaded with various features, including real-time email tracking and reporting, email campaign management, lead generation, contact management, and team management, among others. This can help organize your sales team by ensuring that they are all on the same page. Further, this platform also allows you to customize your targeting system and quickly follow up to sales. It will inform your employees when to contact your clients for sales and who to contact with its scheduling algorithms. It also quickly segments sales leads for you. It provides a variety of sales sequence templates that are modified to meet your needs. The best part is that it comes with a 14-day free trial to see if it can work out for you.

5. is a sales automation platform that aims at both inbound calling and outbound calling, thereby focusing on maximizing your sales reps’ productivity. Its significant features make it easier to find emails, send email campaigns and follow-ups and find new prospects. The platform also tracks your campaigns and provides relevant statistics from the same. It integrates well with other CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zapier, and HubSpot.

6. Growbots

Growbots is trusted by major companies such as Gusto and Deloitte as one of the leading sales automation platforms. It helps you find out the significant decision-makers in companies and their email addresses. Further, you can also customize, personalize, send, and track your mail campaigns. With over 200 million contacts that it finds, it generates a personalized list for you based on various criteria. It comes with unique features of sales scheduling wherein your sales reps will be informed about when to contact which client and how to get them. In addition to this, it can also form personalized offers for your clients based on their needs, preferences, and previous behavior.

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Inbound sales scheduling helps you maximize your productivity and increase sales significantly. Further, it can also helps in boosting customer loyalty.