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A Quick Friday Chat on Sales!


Vernon “Sonny” Badaluco, Head of Sales at Biteable, a video platform that helps you create stunning content within minutes joins us for a quick Friday chat.

Sonny has been at Biteable for over half a year and loves his sales job at Biteable because, as he says, ‘’it’s a low pressure sales situation. The product does the selling, I just help customers find ways to get the most out of it.”


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As someone who leads the Inside Sales at Biteable– we’d love to know a little about your top sales hack!

Since our inside sales team consists of mainly me, (we are a small company and a lot of the employees wear many hats), my managers give me all the tools and support I need to be successful in this position. We use our site to drive the sales pipeline for us, it’s where we connect with customers.

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What according to you are some of the must-have sales technologies that everyone in technology sales including field sales should keep as part of their tech stack?

We use Slack for communication and Notion for documentation. Both have their advantages and allow us as a remote company to stay in touch and up to date with all relevant information.

Given the current pandemic and the need for SaaS/global technology sales professionals to have more video calls to enable their prospecting efforts and outreach, how are you seeing sales conversations or efforts evolve and change due to this?

The demand for video as a communication tool is more crucial than ever. Companies/educators/everyone is realizing the effect video can have on communication and getting a message across in a more appropriate and impactful way. At Biteable we offer that ability to convey a message with a user friendly interface that provides professional and engaging videos.

Given the new normal that everyone in technology sales and marketing is now required to adjust to, what is your top most thought today?

Its hard to tell, depending on how fast the economy can re-open. The need for tech will always be there.

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What would you say or do in your capacity to turn Sales and Technology sales (or marketing) into the most exciting job of the decade?!

As new product come out and others evolve, it will automatically be one of the most exciting careers with time….

Tag (mention/write about) the one person in the tech industry whose answers to these questions you would love to read!

Amy Hood (Microsoft CTO)

Your favorite Sales/SalesTech  quote and sales leadership books you’d suggest everyone in Sales reads

Leadership is action, not position


A few last thoughts? 

If the product is good it will sell, be everything else the customer needs and show them how they can use the product to their advantage.

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