SalesTechStar’s Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring Sendoso, Dealhub, Pipedrive and more!

What can sales teams do to ensure that their direct mail efforts help achieve their sales goals? And how can B2B sales people work in better alignment with their marketing counterparts to enable a better account-based marketing experience? Catch the latest tips and best practices in this week’s salestech highlight:

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Sales and marketing channels are moving towards products with interactive aspects of them whether that be learning about interesting missions, sustainable practices, charities, or actual activity based sends like planting seeds or crafting.

Andrea (Turnlund) Sellas, Sr. Specialist Marketplace Partnerships at Sendoso

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There are several layers to the impact of AI and we’re seeing it play out in different ways as the range of options increases and people and organizations move quickly to adopt it. First, we’re seeing that virtually everyone is looking for ways to incorporate AI into their go-to-market motion as they realize the benefits it can have to improving those legacy workflows. Teams are looking to embrace these productivity gains aggressively using AI. –Matt Millen, Co-Founder & President at

Top Sales and SalesTech Articles on Conversational AI, Product Qualified Leads, Live Commerce and more:


BONUS READ! Jon Miller, CMO at Demandbase takes the hot seat in this session to share some interesting ABX fundamentals and best practices for 2023 and beyond.

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