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The advent of AI and the cutting-edge developments in generative AI technology has brought transformative changes to the B2B landscape, especially in the realm of data analytics. With the power of AI, businesses are now better equipped to extract, analyze, and interpret large volumes of data at unprecedented speeds and scale. The automation capabilities of AI have reduced the reliance on traditional data wrangling methods, which often involved tedious and time-consuming tasks of cleaning, structuring, and pre-processing data. AI technology streamlines these processes and accelerates time-to-insight, making it possible for businesses to derive valuable insights from data more quickly and efficiently.

Jonathan Chin, Cofounder of Facteus

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Utilizing data and analytics to inform the needs of the business and market opportunity is imperative. In order to build a high-performing organization, GTM leaders need to start with the basics and implement a rigorous process discipline around all GTM operations, inclusive of KPI development and measurement. This means closely evaluating potential metrics and testing and optimizing to meet those. Ultimately, RevOps provides the backbone that ensures critical success for the company, so it should touch every piece of the organization. – Jeff Lundal, CRO at Validity

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