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To drive ROI and streamline operations, having the right tools to sort through the quantity of data that’s out there right now is important, and AI supports that. More so, understanding the need for good communication and collaboration across teams to prioritize human value and build stronger relationships that are not just transactional. When teams align empathy in sales and build through relationships, that pays dividends in the long term for sales teams more than anything else. –Tim Harsch, CEO of Owler

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The integration of sales ops and marketing ops improves the consistency and quality of how data is captured and disseminated.  While many of us recognize it is table stakes for our teams to scale more and more insights into tangible actions, we may not be as aware of how crucial quality cross functional systems of record about our pipeline, accounts, and teams will be for unlocking the potential of the available automation and AI.  Basically – your potential for leveraging AI and automation is only as good as your operating team’s ability to capture and manage meaningful data.- Art Harding, Chief Operating Officer at People.a

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