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The customer support game is changing today to meet customer’s where they’re at and to cater to what they want or how they want brands to provide after-sales support to them, catch these latest sales and salestech highlights for some recent pointers and industry updates:


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One big miss I often see is sales professionals confusing strategy with tactics. A lot of companies think tactics are strategy and therefore jump into tactics without first thinking at a higher, more strategic level. From there, a huge miss is then when I see folks not believing in well-thought strategies and changing strategy too often.

Stephen Milley, Group Manager, Sales, Panasonic Connect’s Professional Imaging & Visual Systems Group

Top SalesTech News of the Week: 19th Sept to 23rd Sept

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Customer support expectations are evolving quickly, and many companies have struggled to keep pace. There is a real sense of urgency around transforming how customer support is delivered, especially in today’s economic climate where retaining and growing your customer base is critical.

Declan Ivory, Vice President of Customer Support at Intercom

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