Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 31-May Featuring CallMiner,, PartnerStack, Bigtincan

Sales technology adoption in sales teams should be influenced by what kind of context and information sales teams need on their target accounts. How are leaders in B2B sales changing the sales and customer experience by focusing on building stronger sales relationships with their salestech in addition to this? Find out in this salestech weekly highlight:


SalesTech Quote-of-the-Week!

Sales and marketing leaders should be re-thinking how they can compete more effectively using data and software. It’s time to instrument the way we go to market from a competitive standpoint! – Jonah Lopin, Co-Founder & CEO at Crayon

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SalesTech QnA with the Expert

There are so many great salestech tools out there, but my belief has always been to find one thing that works and remove three things that don’t. You want your team to be focused on understanding the customer’s business problem – not which process to follow.  –Marco Pasqualina, VP of Sales at Feedback Loop

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