RevOps in 2022: Best Practices and Tools that Help!

At the start of the 21st century, we saw the rise of a new and fragmented approach to running a business. Every business is run using a different strategy to achieve maximum levels of return.

More technologies aided this approach as we saw a rise of several software solutions, which were born to help individual business functions. The approach works amazingly, but everyone could observe a lack of cohesiveness and it was apparent as different functions were working independently, but could not collaborate effectively.

The problem raised a need for creating a better approach to align all the business functions with a common objective to grow business revenue. This leads to the birth of the term ‘revenue operations’. As the name suggests, revenue operations aim to align sales, marketing, software, and customer success so they all can work unitedly to improve business revenue.

Every business must create a RevOps team to boost every revenue-generating area of the business and keep the growth pace steady. Designing, implementing, and managing RevOps is an easy feat. To help you, we present a few tenets that could define your RevOps implementation in 2022:

1. Recognize the truth of adoption, process, and tools:

Adoption is important as without adoption there is no process. Keep the processes simple, get the right tools, and keep an active tracking system.

2. Run a weekly sales pipeline call in your CRM:

Running a weekly sales pipeline call shall create patterns and consistency. Marketers will always know when the data is ready for them.

3. Try to manage all your sales from your CRM dashboard:

Keep checking your dashboard, inspect what you expect, and this will give you the ability to trust your data.

4. Decrease the number of databases used:

Do not go haywire with more and more databases. Keep one source for all the useful data.

5. Measure your marketing by revenue:

Your marketing revenue speaks about everything. Keep your eyes on the data.

6. Hire a dedicated RevOps resource:

In the absence of an internal RevOps team, you must hire a dedicated RevOps person. This will keep an eye on the processes leading to more growth.

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A few of the top RevOps tools that can help you align your revenue goals in 2022.

1. Sales Panel

Salespanel easily connects marketers with sales and marketing operations by synchronizing the customers’ data seamlessly between each department. It further helps to:

  • Connect lead acquisition funnel to the CRM.
  • Sync lead intelligence between all teams.
  • Qualify and score leads and update the sales team about it.
  • Send instant notifications when the leads show strong intent.

2. is another power RevOps platform, which maximizes your visibility across four key components assisting sales and marketing to reduce the disconnection. The platform improves inter-department efficiency by:

  • Centralizing communication
  • Offering a full-time automated assistant.
  • Offer AI-driven knowledge.
  • Sharing campaign projection and testing

3. Clari

Clari is a platform to translate strategic business goals into superior performance. The tool further helps to transform the sales teams into an unstoppable revenue-generating machine. It offers help in the following three focus areas:

  • It offers real-time data
  • It comes in handy with actionable insights driven by AI and ML.
  • It shares accurate forecasting driven by AI.

4. LeanData

LeanData helps organizations de-clutter and organize their data to produce actionable insights, offer clarity and align marketing and sales processes. The prominent features of the tool are:

  • Intelligent Routing
  • Data Matching
  • Engagement

5. Openprise

We culminate this list by introducing Openprise, which beautifully automates all your revenue operations from a unified no-code platform so that the teams have more time to undertake productive tasks. Openprise also helps marketers to generate and convert leads faster. It does it by:

  • Easy data management and normalization
  • Data routing and orchestration
  • Robust sales automation

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How must leaders think about RevOps in 2022?

The revenue landscape continues to evolve and so, revenue operations and sales enablement leaders need to keep a bird’s eye view on the latest trends. They have the onus on their shoulders to bring the organizations to the modern age. Revenue operations and enablement leaders carry on an expanded role to manage a more critical piece of an organization’s success.

AI has a significant role to play in this burgeoning field as AI assists and helps skip the guesswork and human error. However, AI is just one piece of the puzzle. Leaders must also focus on CRM integration to bring cohesiveness across teams. Further revenue operations and enablement are not just driven by tools, technologies, and processes. The function requires smart executives with flexibility, agility, and the capacity to think beyond the boundary walls.

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