Why Is It Time to Embrace Artificial Intelligence In your Everyday Life?

Here’s a quick fact, in case you weren’t already party to it. 85% of Americans already use Artificial Intelligence. If you look at the range of smart assistants being used in homes, song and movie recommendation features on online streaming sites (or otherwise), or even your email spam filters and response suggestions, all of this is powered by AI.

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In simple terms – AI enables you to do something faster, or, helps you do something you probably haven’t thought of before!

To take advantage of the various benefits of AI, it is crucial to have a good command and understanding of its potential and capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence is Taking Over Healthcare!

The current COVID-19 pandemic is on everybody’s mind. The capabilities of AI have already proven itself in medtech. Not only can sophisticated AI diagnostics help diagnose illnesses with accuracy, in this current scenario where the world is grappling under the pressures of the coronavirus pandemic, Artificial Intelligence/AI-powered medical technologies are also capable enough of showing how intense a patient’s level of illness can be.

Given the current effects of the pandemic on global economies and especially the strain it is causing on healthcare and hospitals, this can prove to enable the efforts of frontline medical staff at a time when even their health is already at risk because they are just as vulnerable to contracting the COVID-19 disease.


A lot has been said about the risk frontline staff and delivery personnel are taking during the time of the current coronavirus pandemic. With governments partially implementing lockdowns across countries with the exception of essential services, delivery personnel are still at the risk of contracting COVID-19 when they are doing their job, despite wearing face masks and gloves as precautionary measures. Autonomous delivery bots can come to the rescue here, ensuring that vital goods are brought to the homes of those who need them, they can also be used to ensure vulnerable sections of the population like senior citizens get their essentials on time especially during a crisis such as the one we are currently in.

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Leave the Boring Tasks to Artificial Intelligence

Monotonous tasks can not only be time-consuming, they can affect overall productivity within teams. By using AI-powered sales tools or marketing tools to automate tasks that are manual or tedious, employees can utilize their  time on more creative and productive tasks, ones that can actually positively impact the company’s bottomline. Investing in the right AI-powered tools in an organization can also help maintain lean teams and prevent misuse of personnel or over hiring.

Empowering Special Needs People

Diversity and Inclusion is one human resource criteria that has come to the forefront in most companies today. But one cannot forget the importance of offering equal opportunities to those with special needs. The right AI-powered tool can help someone who is blind to describe people and objects around them, for instance. If you had a sales person on your team who was blind, but he or she had the right skills to be able to sell a product well – enabling their efforts with a tool like Seeing AI would ensure they succeed in their role while also helping the business grow!

While many still believe that Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword to be weary of, given the current state of the world and the effects of Covid-19, Artificial Intelligence has proven itself (not only in sales and marketing) but as part of our everyday life and healthcare too.

As Neil Sahota a futurist and leading expert on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and IBM inventor recently said, Artificial Intelligence can provide solutions in five key areas to help reduce the current and future impact of Covid-19.

Not only will AI and generative design help identify mutations of the coronavirus, AI can help in generating jobs, especially at a time where about 10 million jobs have been lost because of Covid-19.

So are you all set to embrace Artificial Intelligence not only in your sales process, but also in your everyday life?

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