Introducing Zello Kiosk, The New Live Voice Touchscreen Kiosk for Retail Businesses

Create a connected frontline workforce and enable them to expand their capacity to assist customers from anywhere in the store.

Zello, a voice-first communication platform that enables collaboration and productivity for frontline workers, today announced the launch of Zello Kiosk, a new solution that brings Zello’s leading push-to-talk technology to touchscreen kiosks.

“The Zello push-to-talk app has been an indispensable tool for us,” said Tobias Rolver of Salling Group, Denmark’s largest retailer serving 11 million customers per week. “It allows our employees to communicate seamlessly to ensure our customers have a good experience the moment they walk into our stores. Zello Kiosk seems to be a natural extension of that, as our customers are happy to not have to wait too long for a response to their queries. Our employees are equally happy to reduce their footsteps, as it can be a grueling day in large stores like ours.”

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With just one touch, the customer can alert employees on the Kiosk channel to respond from wherever they are, meaning customers aren’t left waiting for help or searching for an associate. This simple action not only increases customer satisfaction and removes purchase barriers, but can help address understaffing issues plaguing the retail industry. Zello Kiosk makes it easy for employees to respond from any part of the store as well as from other retail locations for extra support.

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“Understanding customer problems is at the heart of everything we do at Zello,” said Alex Gavrilov, Chief Product Officer of Zello. “Through our partnership with Salling Group we learned that there was an opportunity to improve in-store shopper experience by making human help more accessible. This led to Zello Kiosk, which takes advantage of our proven dispatch channel technology to make sure every request for assistance is answered as quickly as possible. I anticipate that Zello Kiosk will be useful in many other environments where people may need quick and convenient help, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, and resorts.”

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