Infinity Launches UK’s First Conversation Analytics Suite

Infinity Tracking Ltd (“Infinity”) announced the launch of its Conversation Analytics suite, becoming the first UK call intelligence company to provide these services.

“Due to the explosion of smartphones, the total number of calls that businesses are receiving is only going to go up”

Infinity clients using Conversation Analytics will be able to analyse the speech on every call they receive, and efficiently enable companies to act on these insights at scale. This will allow them to identify calls where payments were made, when specific words or scripts were used, and redact sensitive data before a call is stored.

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“Due to the explosion of smartphones, the total number of calls that businesses are receiving is only going to go up,” says Infinity CEO and founder Paul Walsh. “There’s so much useful insight within these calls that companies risk losing. By harnessing it responsibly, you open up exciting opportunities for marketing teams and contact centres to make meaningful, measurable improvements.”

For years, Infinity has delivered pinpoint precision on the journey that led to a call. In more recent times, they have helped clients catalogue the outcomes of a call and how the relationship progressed. Now, Conversation Analytics unlocks the wealth of undiscovered insights that are contained within every single call.

The Telegraph have been using Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite to identify when calls to their travel partners have resulted in a booking, enabling them to forecast revenue effectively and improve their customer journey.

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“Infinity’s Conversation Analytics suite is very flexible, the results are immediate, and we are learning things that we didn’t know before. The exciting thing is that you start to solve one issue, and you uncover many more that you can solve too, and we’re just at the start of that evolution.”

Mark Woodcock | Commercial Director – Travel, The Telegraph

Meanwhile, Flight Centre have been using the Conversation Analytics suite to help categorise the quality of calls they are receiving. This insight helps them know what aspects of their long-term website refresh are connecting with the audience they want to be reaching.

“Conversation Analytics have given us a spectacular view on what a high quality phone enquiry looks like. It makes it easy for our marketing and operations teams to isolate certain types of enquiry that we want to understand more about.”

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