Zebra’s Latest Warehouse Innovations in 2023

Warehouse solutions specialist MIDCOM Data Technologies brings innovation to the forefront with new product offerings from Zebra Technologies in 2023.

For warehouses today, innovation is key to keeping up with increased demand and staying ahead of the competition. MIDCOM Data Technologies understands the unique challenges that warehouse owners and managers face, and the company is poised to bring key decision makers the solutions they seek.

MIDCOM’s new Zebra product offerings for 2023 address the changing landscape of storage and distribution. Warehouse teams are finding it necessary to move products faster, as well as allocate space more efficiently, to keep operations flowing smoothly while avoiding delays. New Zebra products take into account today’s warehouse dynamics to solve existing problems and keep preventable issues from surfacing.

Since every warehouse, distribution center, and backroom is unique, MIDCOM can partner with each business to craft a custom-fit solution.

Shipping and Receiving Solutions

Warehouse operations rely on streamlined shipping and receiving activities to make the best use of space, with room for everything that’s incoming and an efficient system for handling anything that’s outgoing.

Zebra’s shipping and receiving solutions automate processes for superior packing, tracking, and storage functions.

  • Eliminate tedious, error-prone manual processes
  • Confirm goods are shipped where they need to go
  • Optimize trailer, truck, and warehouse space
  • Mobile scanning
  • RFID tags and readers
  • 3D sensing and camera technology
  • Analytics software

New Zebra products boost shipping and receiving operations to maximize efficiency, thanks to immediate confirmations, optimized loading operations, and quick scanning features to seamlessly keep track of packages at every stage.

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Supply Chain Tracking

The tenuous supply chain situation around the world makes paying extra attention to stocking and restocking a must. MIDCOM’s new Zebra product offerings address supply chain concerns to support customer satisfaction and control waste.

  • Restore goods to inventory quickly
  • Document receipt and condition
  • Return unused parts efficiently
  • Enterprise systems
  • Proactive reordering
  • Mobile computers, scanners, and printers
  • Cold chain management freezer-compliant devices

Furthermore, Zebra’s hands-free technology enables goods to be packaged, staged, shipped, tracked, and fulfilled without error.

Simplifying Warehouse Management

Another way MIDCOM’s new Zebra product offerings improve warehouse operations is by simplifying management activities. These solutions enable warehouses to pick up the pace while maintaining accuracy.

  • Streamline high-velocity picking
  • Locate inventory faster
  • Improve replenishment and put-away processes
  • Multi-modal and voice-directed picking solutions
  • Speech-directed wearables
  • Mobile warehouse inventory solutions
  • Accurate documentation
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)

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Reliable Warehouse Partner

MIDCOM Data Technologies strives to serve as a reliable warehouse partner that provides personalized, automated, and tech-enhanced solutions to improve operations and boost everything from accuracy to productivity, all while reducing waste.

MIDCOM’s new offerings for Zebra products in 2023 are designed with today’s challenges in mind. They can help create a more flexible work environment while driving greater business growth. These solutions enable better coordination of all activities for a smoother process, along with the ability to provide faster service with a significantly higher degree of accuracy at every step.

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