Velostics Unveils 3-Way Scheduling Solution, Transforming Logistics Coordination

Velostics, a trailblazer in logistics scheduling technology, announces the launch of its cutting-edge 3-Way Scheduling Solution, crafted specifically for logistics services providers (LSPs) and asset-based carriers. This innovative solution aims to reshape the logistics landscape by providing a dynamic 3-way scheduling experience. It streamlines manual scheduling for LSPs by 70% and optimizes labor efficiencies for shippers, carriers, and consignees.

Gaurav Khandelwal, Velostics’ CEO, expresses his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to introduce this new 3-Way Scheduling technology, marking a milestone in the evolution of logistics scheduling technology. This solution underscores our commitment to driving innovation and efficiency in the industry. By facilitating real-time connectivity among shippers, LSPs, and end customers, we are influencing the supply chain management landscape, encouraging collaboration and propelling businesses into a new era of logistics excellence.”

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Seamless Integration with Industry Standards: SSC API Compatibility

Velostics’ 3-Way Scheduling Solution can seamlessly integrate with Transportation Management Systems (TMS) following the Scheduling Standards Consortium (SSC) API’s. This integration:

  • Enables the solution to pull available appointments into a single view
  • Allows LSPs and/or carriers to see available appointments in a unified scheduling solution when making appointment decisions.
  • Ensures a smooth and standardized scheduling process, enhancing interoperability within the logistics ecosystem.

To read more about the Scheduling Standards Consortium, please visit:

Email Scheduling for Non-TMS Users

For customers not utilizing a TMS or the SSC standards, Velostics provides a straightforward email-based solution. Users can easily select preferred dates and times directly in their email, simplifying the scheduling process without any compatibility concerns. This flexibility ensures that the solution caters to a wide range of users, irrespective of their existing technology infrastructure, allowing for scheduling directly from your inbox or via a simple hyperlink.

Efficient Workflow with White-Labeled Technology

Velostics’ 3-Way Scheduling solution offers a true white-labeled solution, empowering LSPs to customize and optimize their scheduling workflow. This customization extends to shippers, receivers, and carriers, facilitating a more efficient and tailored logistics process. The solution’s white-labeled technology:

  • Enhances brand representation and fosters a seamless experience for all stakeholders
  • Empowers LSP teams, both on and offshore, with a streamlined process
  • Minimizes manual efforts significantly and enhances overall operational efficiency

Enhanced Visibility, Control, and Communication

The 3-Way Scheduling solution facilitates manage-by-exception, offering enhanced visibility and control over the logistics operation. Users can quickly identify unset appointments and track trucks that have not arrived, ensuring a proactive approach to logistics management. Effortless communication methods, such as responding to emails or using hyperlinks, simplify the coordination process, leading to quicker and more efficient appointment scheduling.

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