TrustRadius Announces Its Winter 2023 Best of Award Winners

TrustRadius announces the best technology for customer relations, feature set, and value

TrustRadius, the most-trusted B2B technology decisioning platform, announced the winners of the Winter 2023 Best of Awards in categories for Best Feature Set, Best Value for Price, and Best Relationship. Winners are selected based on data from user feedback on the attributes most important to their business needs.

“These aren’t pay-to-play awards. We recognize the products with genuine positive feedback from real customers. It’s the key to being the destination where tech buyers make confident decisions,” said Vinay Bhagat, TrustRadius Founder, and CEO.

Even in the same category, products can be quite different. They might serve varying use cases, fill unique market niches, or have different strengths or standout features. Depending on a buyer’s criteria, they might find one product or another to be a better fit. Many technology companies struggle to communicate their points of differentiation with buyers. The goal of our awards is to show why products are preferred. Showing this information in an award format makes it easier for buyers to make a purchase decision based on what’s important for them in achieving their business goals.

“Last year, our awards earned 5.6 million views on product profiles across our site. These recognitions not only benefit our vendor partners through increased exposure but also help elevate buyer confidence by making it clear which products are preferred in the market and will solve their business challenges,” Bhagat said.

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TrustRadius Winter 2023 Best of Award winners

Technology providers have an opportunity to win all three categories. The Best Value and Best Feature Set Awards are based on the highest percentage of respondents who gave high ratings to the product’s feature set and value for the price. The Best Relationship Award is earned by measuring collective data from reviewer insights: “Would Buy Again,” “Implementation Expectations,” and “Sales and Marketing Promises.” The following products demonstrated excellence in their value for price, feature set, and/or customer relationships:

Miro Interactive Whiteboard wins Best Value for Price

Miro is a visual collaboration platform that allows users to work together in real-time on a shared digital whiteboard. It features a wide range of tools for drawing, sketching, diagramming, and prototyping, as well as integrations with other popular collaboration and productivity software. With Miro, teams can brainstorm, plan projects, design prototypes, and more, all in one place. Users can also join video chats or share real-time comments and feedback on boards to keep projects moving forward. 98% of reviewers say Miro delivers a good value for the price.

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IBM Robotic Process Automation wins Best Feature Set

IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) helps organizations automate repetitive, tedious tasks. Data entry and document processing are two of the most common use cases. IBM RPA is designed to work in tandem with human employees, allowing them to focus on more complex and creative tasks while the software handles routine work. It is typically used in industries such as financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing to streamline processes, improve efficiency, and reduce errors.

“IBM RPA earned a Winter 2023 Best of Award for Feature Set as a direct result of user feedback on TrustRadius,” says Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “Reviewers on TrustRadius highlight IBM RPA’s bot scheduling capability, intuitive bot-building interface, and overall positive impact on productivity.”

SAP Concur wins Best Relationship

SAP Concur is a cloud-based travel and expense management platform designed to help organizations streamline and automate the process of tracking and reimbursing employee spending. The platform includes features for booking travel, tracking expenses, creating and approving expense reports, and reconciling corporate credit card charges. SAP Concur also integrates with other financial systems, including accounting software and corporate credit card providers, to help organizations manage their expenses more efficiently. SAP Concur aims to reduce the time and effort required to manage employee expenses and to provide organizations with better visibility and control over their spending.

“SAP Concur has earned a Winter 2023 Best of Award for Best Relationship in the Expense Management category on TrustRadius,” said Megan Headley, VP of Research at TrustRadius. “This award is based entirely on feedback from SAP Concur’s customers. On TrustRadius, 95% of SAP Concur reviewers said they would buy the product again. Additionally, reviewers highlight the software’s ease of use, excellent support, and good approval workflow.”

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