The ECS5 Media Suite from ECS Global Inc. is Fully Compatible with Mobile Devices from Zebra Technologies

ECS5 from ECS Global Inc. is a multimedia communications solution that allows businesses to manage their customer communications, including pricing and special promotions, with one central tool. ECS5 can be accessed from mobile devices, now including the high-quality mobile devices from Zebra Technologies.

In retail stores and hospitality businesses, it is important for customer communications regarding pricing and promotions to be efficient and accurate. However, the complexity of traditional communication channels can make this difficult. Information for price changes and new promotions are generally sent down from the head office, and each individual store or location is expected to implement the changes themselves. Within each location, employees must go to one area, usually a back office, to print the materials needed and coordinate with the employees on the shop floor to ensure that the new tags or signage is placed properly. This decentralized method of managing communications is inefficient and vulnerable to inaccuracies and inconsistencies.

ECS5 is an integrated, cloud-based communications solution that allows businesses to manage customer communications using this one centralized tool. This system integrates pricing, promotions, multimedia and digital displays, print signage and shelf tags, inventory, and planograms, all of which can be managed within the system using any mobile device. Retailers and hospitality businesses can integrate high quality mobile devices from Zebra Technologies that can run ECS5.

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ECS5, in combination with mobile devices from Zebra Technologies, can take back-office operations onto the shop floor. Zebra Technologies offers a range of mobile devices including RFID barcode readers, mobile scanners, tablets, handheld computers, and mobile printers. Employees on the shop floor can use these devices to quickly look up inventory and product information for customers and instantly implement changes to digital signage and electronic shelf tags on the shop floor. They can also print new shelf tags and other signage without the need to go to the back office.

Using ECS5 with mobile devices from Zebra Technologies will eliminate inconsistencies and inaccuracies in customer communications and make employees on the shop floor more available to assist customers.

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