Stackline Introduces Shopper OS – Delivering Breakthrough Capabilities Empowering Brands to Connect With Consumers Across All Retailers and Channels

Shopper OS bridges the established walled gardens, unlocking new paths for brands to engage, activate, and grow customer relationships.

Stackline, the leader in full-funnel connected commerce, announced the launch of Shopper OS, the world’s first shopper journey management system. This revolutionary platform includes eight powerful capabilities – all in one platform – that connects brands and manufacturers with their shoppers across the largest online retailers and brick-and-mortar stores.

The biggest obstacle brands and manufacturers face is that they don’t have direct relationships with their shoppers, since those are held by the retailers. In fact, manufacturers only know 3% of their shoppers, while the remaining 97% are inaccessible to them.

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Since manufacturers don’t have access to their customers when purchasing through a retailer, it prohibits brands from engaging, activating, and growing vital customer relationships. This void suppresses sales growth, retention rates, and customer lifetime value. Over average, consumer brands only retain 12% of their shoppers year-over-year.

Stackline’s Founder and CEO, Michael Lagoni, said, “Every brand wants to build direct relationships with their customers that scale across all retail touchpoints, so they can create more rewarding, personalized experiences that drive more loyalty, lifetime value, and sales growth across all major retailers, such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more. That’s why we built Shopper OS, our most significant innovation in history.”

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Shopper OS isn’t one product. It’s an entire platform that allows brands to build truly authentic relationships with their customers:

  • Collect first-party data and connect with individual customers through the Multi-Retailer CRM.
  • Syndicate product reviews across your largest online retail partners and marketplaces.
  • Boost retention and lifetime value with a rewards program that profitably grows repeat purchases.
  • Create hyper-targeted surveys and get instant feedback from your most important customers.
  • Drive ultra-high conversion rates through landing pages that feature a multi-retailer buy box.
  • Send personalized messages to customers based on their purchases across retailers.
  • View customer retention, churn, and share of wallet across retailers and channels.
  • Turn every customer into an influencer by allowing them to share shoppable affiliate links to your product pages.

Lagoni emphasized that Shopper OS not only gives brands access first-party data in a privacy-first way, but the platform also allows for a uniquely personalized connection with customers:

“The launch of Shopper OS is a major milestone, not only for our company, but also for the entire ecommerce and retail industry. We’re changing the way brands connect with consumers to grow shopper loyalty, engagement, and advocacy across the entire retail ecosystem.”

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