ShipperHQ Announces Advanced Feature, Shipping Insights for Adobe Commerce

ShipperHQ’s newest feature helps merchants bridge the checkout experience and post-order fulfillment, so they can fine-tune their shipping strategies.

ShipperHQ, the leading Shipping Experience Management Solution, today announced its newest advanced feature, Shipping Insights, at Adobe Summit 2022.

Shipping Insights provides merchants easy access to essential shipment information after a customer places their order, from the shipping cost to the packaging. ShipperHQ’s platform does the hard part by calculating, passing on, and storing the right rates, from the right location for the right boxes, with the right delivery dates inside the Adobe Commerce platform. By providing this increased visibility into shipment details, Shipping Insights allows merchants to fully understand rate calculations and how a quote is generated. This arms them with the right tools to fine-tune their shipping strategy — and enables them to fulfill their orders on time and on budget in order to meet the delivery date promised to the customer.

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“We’re constantly iterating on our product to solve the biggest issues merchants are facing, and right now those issues are fulfillment related,” said Karen Baker, CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ. “Delivery delays, fulfillment inefficiencies, and other shipping headaches are often due to a lack of visibility into the details after a customer has placed an order. With Shipping Insights, merchants will now have access to the data they need to ensure absolute accuracy in their shipping and fulfillment strategy. We believe it will be a groundbreaking technology for all eCommerce merchants.”

ShipperHQ’s decade-long partnership with Magento Commerce (now part of Adobe) began with the launch of the company’s WebShopApps shipping extensions. Built to address a variety of shipping variables, these extensions quickly became a go-to in the Magento ecosystem, eventually evolving into the extensive, single platform experience known today as ShipperHQ. The company’s relationship with Adobe has continued to evolve since the acquisition with the announcement of ShipperHQ becoming an Accelerate Partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program and its selection as the official pre-purchase shipping solution provider for Magento Shipping merchants.

With access to this data, merchants will have the crucial information they need to do business in a post-pandemic world, including:

Time-Sensitive Delivery – When used with ShipperHQ’s Delivery Date and Time feature, Shipping Insights will provide merchants with the dispatch date needed to meet the delivery date shown to the customer at checkout, enabling them to meet high customer expectations for on-time delivery.

Cost-Effective Packing – When Dimensional Packing and Shipping Insights are enabled, merchants can easily access packing details used to calculate the shipping rate shown to the customer at checkout. This allows merchants to actually pack products in the right boxes most efficiently, saving thousands of dollars a year.

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Multi-Origin Fulfillment – For merchants using multiple shipping origins, ShipperHQ’s multi-origin shipping logic automatically pulls in the rates for the most efficient fulfillment center. With Shipping Insights, merchants can see which items should be packed and shipped from each origin to streamline and speed up their fulfillment.

Pickup Orders – To further enable merchants who provide increasingly-popular self-pickup options, like In-Store and Curbside, Shipping Insights automatically displays the pickup location chosen at checkout.

“ShipperHQ empowers Adobe merchants with the information they need to not only offer great shipping options at checkout, but actually fulfill them,” said Karen Baker, CEO and Founder of ShipperHQ. “The Shipping Insights feature is yet another impactful way ShipperHQ helps Adobe Merchants conquer challenging shipping problems and deliver on customer expectations.”

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