​​Pipedrive Launches Zendesk Integration to Enhance Salespeople’s Customer Communication

Pipedrive, the sales-first CRM and intelligent revenue management platform for small businesses, today launched a native integration with customer service software leader Zendesk (NYSE:ZEN). Using the new integration, sales reps can access their Pipedrive customer data from Zendesk and vice versa, promoting both a speedy resolution and a better sales workflow.

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Pipedrive today launched a native integration with customer service software leader Zendesk, enabling sales reps access their Pipedrive customer data from Zendesk and vice versa, promoting both a speedy resolution and a better sales workflow.

The integration between Zendesk and Pipedrive helps sales reps determine who to contact and when. Now users will be able to see all the information they need to quickly solve customer queries and enhance the customer experience. Krishna Panicker, Chief Product Officer (CPO) and long-term product visionary at Pipedrive said, “Pipedrive is on a mission to turn CRM into a revenue platform that connects all the tools that small businesses need for growth. Our goal is to support small businesses’ evolving needs, help them to get more qualified leads and close deals faster, nurture their customer relationships, and grow their revenue. The new integration between Pipedrive and Zendesk helps our users strengthen people-centric business approach and nurture meaningful and compelling connections with their customers and prospects.”

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Today Pipedrive has more than 300 apps in the marketplace with more to come. Further integrations will span marketing, communications, leads, accounting and invoicing, process management, planning, and customer support application integrations with major leading software providers trusted by millions of users. Recently Pipedrive launched strategic integrations with major software, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet, QuickBooks, Xero, Trello, and Monday.com.

These native integrations allow CRM users a unified enterprise application experience without the need to move between tabs, tools, or windows. A wide functionality is accessible seamlessly within Pipedrive, helping revenue teams focus on learning and repeating their most effective processes and closing deals. The platform also provides SMBs with more timely, detailed, and accurate sales reporting and revenue projections.

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