Ordergroove Boosts Wrist Mafia’s Subscriber Base by Over 60% and Subscriber Lifetime Value by 100%

The wristwatch brand combats rising customer acquisition costs by migrating to Ordergroove to deliver new prepaid and pay-as-you-go subscription capabilities

Ordergroove, the leader in subscription solutions for retailers and direct-to-consumer brands, and Wrist Mafia, the premier subscription brand for fashionable and affordable wristwatches, =released a joint case study. In it, the brands detail how Wrist Mafia boosted its subscriber base by over 60% and subscriber lifetime value (LTV) by 100% after migrating its subscription experience to Ordergroove.

Wrist Mafia tapped Ordergroove to power its subscription experience because Ordergroove’s industry-leading platform fully integrates with Shopify, enabling a seamless subscriber enrollment experience that drives conversions by reducing checkout times. Another vital component of Wrist Mafia’s decision was Ordergroove’s easy-to-manage prepaid subscription technology, which offers consumers the ability to prepay up-front for longer-term subscriptions. With customer acquisition costs on the rise, prepaid subscriptions are growing in popularity among e-commerce and retail brands because they have a higher LTV than pay-as-you-go subscriptions.

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Wrist Mafia saw immediate success after launching with Ordergroove. The wristwatch brand’s subscriber acquisition rate increased by 15% one week after migrating. After three months, Wrist Mafia’s subscriber base grew by 63%. In addition, the LTV of Wrist Mafia subscribers enrolled in a prepaid, six-month subscription is 100% greater than subscribers enrolled in a pay-as-you-go subscription.

“With customer acquisition costs skyrocketing, we needed to get the most out of every opportunity to gain a subscriber,” said Wrist Mafia Co-Founder Johnny Brown. “Ordergroove’s subscription platform gives shoppers the seamless checkout experience they crave, ensuring we aren’t throwing money away on a poor user experience.”

“Wrist Mafia’s growth is phenomenal, and their subscriptions are a blueprint to succeed in today’s challenging e-commerce environment,” said Greg Alvo, CEO and founder of Ordergroove. “They understand a frictionless subscriber experience paired with prepaid subscriptions drives higher customer lifetime value. We can’t wait to help all of our customers achieve the same success.”

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