nShift: The seven steps to Black-Friday success

“Prioritizing convenience” key to Black-Friday success tips

Prioritizing convenience at checkout and aligning with customer values can increase the chances of Black Friday success, according to a new guide.

Despite ongoing fears that a greater range of discounts during November and December could dent the impact of the day, this year’s Black Friday looks set to break sales records.  But the fact that the day continues to be popular, does not mean that retailers and ecommerce companies can assume that they will all automatically benefit from it.

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nShift, the global leader in delivery management software, has released a new guide that explores how ecommerce and multi-channel retailers can make the most of Black Friday.  “Delivering Black-Friday success” explains how most mistakes during the big shopping event all tie back to a failure to prepare.  However, businesses can deliver Black Friday success by:

  1. Increasing conversions at checkout – by offering, and clearly badging a range of delivery options, ecommerce companies can increase conversions by 20%
  2. Aligning with customer values – a staggering 88% of consumers claim to be more loyal to a company that gives back to the world around them.[1]  Retailers can demonstrate shared values by setting up specific deliveries that automatically trigger charitable donations
  3. Prioritizing convenience of delivery – offering out-of-home delivery alternatives where the customer collects from a parcel shop or locker could be far more convenient than home deliveries for many
  4. Keeping customers up to date – some 78% of online shoppers will change brands or retailers if they don’t receive regular updates on the status of their order.[2]  Sending shoppers regular and relevant updates in their channel of choice can cut WISMO (“where is my order”) calls by 60%
  5. Remarketing and upselling – incorporating marketing messages into delivery updates can help retailers build revenue
  6. Converting returns to exchanges –a digital returns process, with a consumer-friendly interface makes it easier to offer people exchange options, which can mean retailers don’t lose their revenue on returned items
  7. Analyzing, adapting, improving – running a digital delivery process creates a wealth of data that is easy to analyze.  Ecommerce companies should use this to improve marketing, operations and customer-journey personalization

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Sean Sherwin-Smith, Post-Purchase Product Director at nShift, said: “Black Friday remains a global shopping bonanza.  But retailers can no longer assume that they can simply ride the wave of the day’s success.  By failing to prepare adequately, many are making mistakes and missing opportunities.

“Too often these mistakes do not become apparent until it’s too late to fix them.  But it is never too early to start planning for next year.  By focusing on the seven principles of Black Friday success, online retailers can build a winning customer experience for periods of heightened demand.”

nShift’s range of solutions helps retailers scale up during busy delivery periods and offer shoppers a better customer experience.

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