Lytics Enhances Customer Journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud Integration

Marketers Can Easily and Effectively Weave Campaigns Between Lytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Using Shared Insights

Customer journeys just got more interesting with the announcement that Lytics has enhanced its customer data platform to integrate customer journey orchestration seamlessly with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). Marketers can focus on experiences that meet their strategic marketing objectives with real-time visibility into what drives conversions. The move reflects a growing desire among marketers to manage and orchestrate their customer journeys by integrating best-of-breed solutions into their existing technology stack. Lytics’ campaign orchestration capabilities extend into Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Facebook, SendGrid, and many other popular marketing technology tools, enabling marketers to deliver more targeted campaigns and improve the customer journey.

Lytics enhances customer journeys with SFMC integration. Marketers can easily and effectively weave campaigns between Lytics and Salesforce Marketing Cloud using shared insights. #CDP #Customerdataplatform #Martech #Customerjourney #Personalization

One-to-one marketing at scale is the holy grail for marketers but rarely does it involve one platform, instead drawing from dozens of different best-of-breed tools. With Lytics’ robust integration capabilities, marketers have access to a single point of view that stretches across the entire customer journey, allowing marketers to bring insights such as customer behavior, content affinity, and best time and channel to the forefront to answer questions such as what’s driving clicks and conversions into their campaigns.

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Integrating the Lytics’ customer data platform with Salesforce Marketing Cloud will allow marketers to import existing campaigns to build experiences within the Orchestrate Journey canvas — allowing them to leverage those insights gained from their Lytics’ experiences to deliver more targeted campaigns. Those experiences can then be sent to SFMC for delivery.

  • Audience segments can be easily exported from Lytics into SFMC to continue the customer journey;
  • Customers’ events (e.g., opened email, a new purchase) captured in the Lytics platform can instantly trigger a new experience (e.g., an email or text message) in SFMC;
  • Marketers can switch between Lytics and SFMC within the same customer journey to deliver the optimal combination of channel and message.

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“The best customer journeys are an open road,” said James McDermott, CEO of Lytics, “and for us, that means giving marketers the freedom to choose multiple paths by integrating with their existing marketing technology stack. Our customers love how simple it is to build, view the actionable insights, and manage campaigns in our Journey Canvas. It’s about helping marketers deliver the best customer experience using a best-of-breed approach.”

Current Lytics customers using Salesforce Marketing Cloud should contact their account manager for more information on orchestration capabilities.

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