Irisagent, a Leader in Support Automation, Is Now Soc 2 Certified

IrisAgent, Inc., a leader in AI-Powered Support Operations, is now SOC 2 certified with enterprise-grade security controls. IrisAgent delivers real-time contextual product insights to frontline support, customer success, and product teams. It enables proactive customer support with AI-powered resolution, customer health monitoring, and correlation of support tickets and product issues by connecting siloed information cross-functionally, directly within the dashboard and tools you are currently using. It proactively discovers trending issues and reduces escalations by 60%, and ticket resolution times by up to 45%.

Not a day goes by when we hear about security breaches and customer data being compromised at large organizations. In fact, The Economist has claimed that data has replaced oil as the world’s most valuable resource and we believe the same! We are proud to announce that IrisAgent has achieved SOC 2 certification – ensuring that we have proper controls in place to safeguard customer data. However, there is more to this accomplishment than what meets the eye. Let us explore why and what this means to a Support Operations strategy and tooling.

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First the good – Fear of liability from data breaches, winning customer trust, GDPR, and similar governmental and industry regulations have led organizations to take security and compliance seriously. Leading SaaS vendors thus now ensure a slew of compliance certifications – SOC 2 certification being key to ensuring proper controls to safeguard customer data and how well those controls are operating. Most leading CRMs, DevOps, and Engineering project management and collaboration systems are SOC 2 certified.

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The bad – Integrations for Support Ops automation often rely on free marketplace apps, downloads from open-source communities, or bespoke integrations are written in-house. We all have heard – “A chain is as strong as its weakest link”. These integrations often are not secure and thus become the weakest links. They inadvertently expose organizations to security risks. We at IrisAgent unfortunately often see this with our prospects new to Support Operations.

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