Hiya Enables Quantum Assurance International, Inc. to Connect With Customers With a New Voice Performance Strategy

Hiya Connect drives higher answer and conversion rates while delivering industry-leading intelligence to the Quantum Assurance team

Hiya, the leading call performance management cloud, today announced a new partnership with Quantum Assurance International, Inc. to drive higher answer and conversion rates with the Branded Calls feature and proactive reputation management. With the new voice performance strategy, Quantum Assurance has significantly improved customer experience, increased workforce productivity, and boosted brand awareness.

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As an independent insurance company that makes more than 500,000 calls per month, Quantum Assurance has seen an immediate business impact with Hiya Connect’s Branded Calls and reputation management services, including:

  • Answer rates have increased 17%, enabling agents to more efficiently reach customers who are actively shopping for insurance quotes;
  • Call durations have increased 19%, providing for more engaging conversations that lead to higher sales conversions;
  • Calls answered on the first attempt have increased 10%, optimizing the agents’ calling efforts and allowing agents to make a strong first impression;
  • Inaccurate spam labels have been avoided, meaning that agents’ calls are no longer being blocked or falsely flagged.

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“Hiya has quickly become one of our most effective tools to increase our business outcomes, which has been imperative over the past several months,” said Justin Ryan Marks, VP of Marketing at Quantum Assurance. “In addition to a meaningful impact on our KPIs, Hiya has also had a real impact on our customers and agents. Customers love knowing who is calling so they know to answer the phone, and our agents reach more customers and convert more sales.”

Hiya also provides Quantum Assurance with real-time data and insights that inform their voice performance strategy. As a data-driven company, Quantum Assurance uses the intelligence provided by Hiya to audit their calling practices, test the performance of new messages, and continually reassess the effectiveness of their voice calls. The ability to leverage Hiya’s industry-leading data has contributed to a decrease in Quantum Assurance’s customer acquisition cost. Hiya helped Quantum Assurance achieve these results immediately with fast, seamless integration, taking just 48 hours to become fully operational.

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