Happiness comes from technology: decoding Dada Group’s innovation path in retail empowerment

Dada GroupChina’s leading local on-demand delivery and retail platform, celebrated its 8th anniversary on June 16 by launching a brand video decoding the company’s technology know-how developed along the years.

Bearing the mission of empowering brick-and-mortar retailers, Dada Group, with its open platforms and technology capabilities, has been constantly working with its retailer partners, utilizing its digital products and solutions from retail to logistics, to expand coverage of product categories and improve delivery efficiency.

In the process of retailers embracing digital, Dada Group has inscribed technology innovation onto its corporate DNA.

Over the past 8 years, through massive practice, Dada Group has identified retailers and brand owners’ needs of building synergy between online and offline sales channels, and achieving growth from that omnichannel strategy. Based on its understanding of the retail, the company has continuously commercialized its digital solutions and made them evolve to adapt.

Haibo System: digitizing offline retailers’ omnichannel operations

To address traditional retailers’ digitization, Dada Group has rolled out the Haibo System, a proprietary digital solution which can assist retailers in boosting customer flow, sales and profit through its data insights. Haibo System integrates 5 modules, namely, Product Management, Members Operation, Digital Marketing, Fulfillment Optimization and Data Dashboard, to efficiently empower physical stores’ omnichannel operations.

In cooperation with Haibo System, Dada Picking, Dada Group’s crowd-sourcing picking service, is able to streamline the pre-delivery process of orders at retailers’ stores. Based on Dada Group’s accumulated digital management experience, the well recruited and trained crowd-sourced pickers are able to pick and package retailers’ omnichannel orders with high efficiency before handling them over to the riders.

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Monica: grid-based management refining brand owners’ marketing

As to brand owners, digitization provides an approach to solve problems that offline marketing effects are usually difficult to trace and not accurate enough. Dada Group’s Monica, a tool based on brand owners’ O2O channels, creates a smart marketing solution for brands to drive sales and retain consumers.

Monica’s founding layer is Kunce, a system that helps brands optimize product supplies, inventory management and pricing control. With a gridded perspective on geographical market units, it helps brands form an intuitive understanding of sales and inventory, thus better identify problems and opportunities in their marketing and sales activities.

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Tech-driven intra-city on-demand delivery: consolidating fulfillment infrastructure for high-quality consumption

The on-demand delivery is a business facing challenges characterized by the diversification and complexity of delivery needs, fluctuations in order numbers, and massive number of delivery points.

Dada Group, is committed to tackling the challenges. By leveraging its digital capabilities in big data and AI, as well as its delivery network of riders across China, the company is constantly perfecting its fulfillment service to bring convenience to both consumers and merchants.

With massive delivery related data accumulated on its on-demand delivery platform, Dada’s Smart Logistics System can help match orders with the best delivery capacity model, estimate order volume during grand promotions, distribute or consolidate orders, and realize smart real-time planning of distribution paths. The system provides strong underlying support to the company’s on-demand delivery performance.

As to merchants that are operating their own delivery teams to fulfill orders, Dada Group has rolled out the Dada Smart Delivery SaaS System, to share its delivery know-how with the merchants. After accessing the SaaS system, merchants with their own delivery teams can enjoy a smarter delivery operation, that covers omnichannel orders processing, order delivery management, and capacity management, saving a significant investment in delivery system R&D.

In addition, Dada Group has been actively exploring opportunities in autonomous delivery since 2021. As a builder of the autonomous delivery ecosystem, Dada’s autonomous delivery open platform provides a large amount of real-time delivery orders and operational tools for connected partners, and promotes the popularization of autonomous delivery. In severe weather, peak business periods, night delivery and other scenarios, as well as in the face of surging demands for contactless delivery in the post-epidemic era, the advantages of autonomous delivery as a supplement or even as a major component of delivery capacity, are becoming prominent.

Striving to create better life for consumers

Over the past eight years, Dada Group has been continuously investing in research and innovation, iterating its technology capabilities to remove frictions from every step in the fulfillment process moving forward.

The new era of retail has come. Dada Group has become an infrastructure that empowers retail. It will continue to work side by side with retailers and brand owners to grasp the on-demand retail opportunities to achieve higher-quality growth together. Adhering to the vision of “bringing people everything on demand”, Dada Group is wasting no efforts to create a better life for Chinese consumers.

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