Game-Changing New Prospecting Platform, Coffee, Creates Efficiency and Fun for Sales Teams

Real Magic, the company behind the Levitate Client Happiness Platform that powers over 3,500 relationship-based businesses, is announcing the launch of its second product, Coffee. Born out of an internal need for more efficient sales prospecting, it promises to be a ground-breaking tool for sales teams across the country.

Coffee is an intelligent, efficient, and fun prospecting platform that keeps your sales team energized.

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“As the Levitate product scaled, we realized that our sales team was wasting a lot of effort trying to find the right leads to call at the right time,” says Jesse Lipson, CEO & founder of Coffee and Levitate. “I looked for an existing solution that would take the guesswork out of prospecting and let our reps spend less time clicking around the CRM and more time engaging with prospects but didn’t find anything that was exactly what we needed. So, I decided we would build it ourselves on the Levitate API platform.”

After implementing Coffee within the Levitate team and seeing how much more efficient and effective they had gotten, Lipson knew it could change the game for sales teams elsewhere.

The tool itself – which integrates with HubSpot – is intelligent and intuitive, simplifying the prospecting process by automatically serving leads based on time zones and other key factors. With all the information reps need on one screen, it even serves follow-up and demo confirmation calls at the designated time. Built-in gamification, a real-time leaderboard, and customizable memes throughout make cold calling fun, engaging, and motivating for sales reps – differentiating Coffee even further from other prospecting tools.

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But Coffee doesn’t only help sales reps; it also helps sales managers and revenue operations teams. The tool makes blitzes and sales plays simple by allowing any manager to turn them on and off with the click of a button, and its account-based configuration alleviates the need for lead shuffling. This is especially helpful for smaller sales teams that don’t have a full revenue operations team.

“I love that Coffee saves me time because I don’t have to manage and shuffle lead ownership,” says Jimmy Critcher, Sales Operations at REVGEN. “It’s also great for easily seeing where we are on the day’s goals without pulling a report.”

With the launch of Coffee, Real Magic now offers a full suite of tools for both client engagement (Levitate) and prospect engagement (Coffee). To support its continued growth, Levitate is also announcing a $6M funding round co-led by Bull City Venture Partners, Tippet Venture Partners, and Lipson himself.

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