FrogData Launches Data-Driven Decision Making for Everyday Business Operations

FrogData announced its new Decision Analytics Platform (FDAP) at the Gartner® Data & Analytics Summit 2022; it brings the power of an integrated and fully-managed decision analytics platform to operational managers at large and small organizations

FrogData announced, at the Gartner Data & Analytics Summit, the launch of FrogData Decision Analytics Platform (FDAP), an affordable, new data-to-decisions analytics platform designed for use across large and mid-sized companies. The solution gives organizations the ability to leverage their data for analysis and decision support in operational scenarios, right down to the department manager level.

The next generation of decision analytics systems, the FDAP is field deployable and accessible to all operations teams. Minimal investment, advanced analytics and continuous upgrades make FDAP an attractive alternative to systems that are built to spec and to spreadsheet proliferation.

With FrogData Decision Analytics Platform, companies can easily and affordably implement actionable insights that drive decision making at the everyday level.

“Business operations today require making complex decisions quickly, despite having to deal with large amounts of data. With FDAP, companies can easily and affordably implement actionable insights that drive decision making at the everyday level,” said Tej Soni, President, FrogData. “Most organizations run on spreadsheets, and managers spend countless hours creating reports with data culled from different systems to help them make decisions. FDAP replaces spreadsheets, and reduces cost, by integrating existing data from the organization’s different systems and giving reports and insights to the managers who need it most.”

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The FDAP provides the data-to-decisions solution that organizations need to leverage their data for analysis and decision support. It enables each stage of the solution stack, from data to dashboards to advanced analytics and then decision support at enterprise scale.

Achieving that level of insight into the customer mindset is a critical trend – and a challenging endeavor – because many organizations are still in the process of adapting to a data-driven culture and ecosystem. According to the Harvard Business Review, 74% of business leaders expect long-term gains in productivity by making data insights available to frontline employees; despite this, 87% say that frontline staff still need improved insights, driven by technology, to make good “in the moment” decisions. Despite this clear understanding of the value of data analytics, only 24% of companies have forged data-driven cultures within their organizations, according to New Vantage Partners.

FDAP makes data analytics adoption easier by eliminating costly and time-consuming design and implementation: its technology stack is already built, is fully supported, and easy to implement through an established and scalable engagement model which 1) fully understands client requirements and 2) builds data pipelines to gather data from their existing systems. At that point, the data analysts quickly design and implement dashboards and analytics using the tools available within the system.

“FrogData is able to implement FDAP more affordably than its competitors because it’s designed to be configurable,” continued Soni. “We have the technology in place to deliver decision analytics, and we can also provide consulting and experts at each stage so that operations are always supported.”

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Key features of FDAP include the following:

  • Fully managed platform
  • Data integration and management – from all sources
  • Business logic to decision algorithm development
  • Dashboards and data visualization
  • Everyday decision analytics for operations
  • Scalable support to meet all organizational needs

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