FormTestr Launches New Tool To Help Companies Boost Sales Leads And Grow Revenue

FormTestr releases innovative product that will allow businesses to make more money by addressing losing leads because of simple mistakes on their lead forms

FormTestr, an innovative testing platform, announced that it has launched a new form testing system that will help businesses everywhere boost sales leads while increasing revenue. As part of ongoing marketing research, it is clear many businesses today are dependent on their website’s ability to generate leads and grow revenue. However, faulty and buggy submission forms are costing companies millions in revenue through lost leads.

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According to Ben Wright, co-founder of FormTestr, “You can generate all the website traffic in the world but, without a lead form working 24/7, you are literally losing money.” Ben also added that “The idea for FormTestr came out of a real pain point we saw with ourselves and thousands of other businesses around the world.”

This year, FormTestr is at the forefront of bridging the gap between hardworking companies and their potential profits. Companies using this innovative product will be able to grow their businesses exponentially without having to worry too much about the lead generation process.

FormTestr was designed as the ideal solution for testing and improving faulty and flawed submission forms. The team at FormTestr, composed of world-class marketers, engineers, and salespeople, figured that an affordable and automated solution would benefit more businesses, even those with limited budgets.

The industry-first form testing product also comes with a unique automatic testing feature where forms can be tested by a real human either weekly or monthly for the best results. This way, businesses will be able to stop worrying about missing lead submissions and get back to serving their customers.

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There is no worry about system failures or issues because a real human will be testing the forms. And with pricing starting at $19 a month for form tests, FormTestr has proven to be the affordable solution that many businesses need to grow top-line revenue in 2021.

The platform is already giving business managers the perks of more revenue while combining the hassle-free experience of using a fully automated and customizable lead page tool. Business managers who are eager to take their lead conversions to the next level can do so by visiting FormTestr and purchasing their preferred package.

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