CSP Control Center Launches New Enhanced Billing Engine to Streamline Microsoft New Commerce Experience and More.

CSP Control Center a.k.a C3 is at forefront of technology innovation, empowering hundreds of Microsoft partners, and Managed service providers globally in creating an enhanced customer experience and streamlining selling, billing, provisioning, and invoicing cloud services.

Spektra Systems is thrilled to announce the launch of  new enhanced CSP Control Center billing engine , specially aligned to manage billing under Microsoft New Commerce Experience for Microsoft Cloud solution providers. As a leading cloud productivity solution, C3 enables Microsoft CSPs to streamline their business growth with pureplay automation.

As a part of its endeavor to evolve the platform and streamline customer experience, Microsoft introduced the New Commerce Experience (NCE). The latest evolution to Microsoft CSP’s program has been accompanied by changes in billing terms, pricing, cancellation window, upgrades, or downgrades, etc. With V3.0, C3 aims to help CSPs to stay ahead of Microsoft NCE motion changes with its unparalleled product capabilities and support.

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The latest version of C3 is a testament to our commitment to continuous innovation to help CSPs revolutionize cloud portfolio management. The new and improved C3 comes with multiple new features to stay on top of NCE and seamlessly embrace the changes for business growth. Some of the top features and enhancements are:

● Promotional discount loading for NCE offers by Microsoft for CSPs to assign to specific customer accounts during generating invoices and different pricing support for perpetual software based on their segments.

● Implementation of the new cancelation policy for NCE and updates in shopping experience like Renewal/Expiration notification mail along with addition of cancellation policy details.

● Approval flow for transaction approval updated along with NCE’s transaction limit logic to manage different terms and billing cycles.

● Fully automated NCE offer price list loading directly through the API, a process that does not require any manual intervention.

● Capabilities added for NCE offers include Automatic/Manual Price Update for existing subscription purchased, Public Sign-up experience and License Tracking for NCE subscriptions.

● An improved public sign-up experience with a new interactive UI, addition of a floating cart and Azure search and reduced page load time.

● Engage feature for partners to interactively broadcast information on the partner and customer dashboard.

● C3-Autotask integration to support resellers to allow them to upload subscription history from C3 to their own Autotask system based on a pre-set frequency. Integration updated to support scenario where a partner has onboarded multiple tenants under a single entity in C3 and has different contracts in Autotask.

● A new configuration for partners, which ensures that the customers accept ‘NCE Terms and Conditions’ when purchasing an NCE offer, the terms support custom text/URL provided by partners.

● Introduced Advance billing for ConnectWise with two ways to push subscription details and made the license change report available for customer users.

● Automatic update in any price changes and subscriptions with the site/Department sharing during invoice calculation for a uniform invoicing experience.

● Custom billing and Upfront invoices for NCE to generate instant and upfront invoices for NCE subscriptions, automatic notification on broken connectivity to the configured recipients and automatic notification on SMTP errors.

● Support for Microsoft GDAP security where it will only get the default domain for adding users.

● NCE-Upgrade SKU features an intuitive UI for subscription upgrade if customer needs more licenses than their current subscription provides, or if they need a different version with more services.

● Manage Product screen to update quantities from C3, enable/disable Auto Renew flag, configure Suspend, Reactive, Cancel, and Auto Renew actions.

● Multiple payment profiles support on Authorize.net and social login capability to login with a Google account.

● Public Signup with MCB to give partners more options to choose from on how they collect customer payments.

● Option to generate separate invoices per Microsoft product categories and availability of approval functionality for subscription upgrade.

● Enhanced visualization Dashboard to show revenue vs cost analysis for different product categories, filter the data by category, customer, or billing cycle, option to download as PNG or CSV file format, License Summary report changes for Distributors for their direct customers as well as reseller customers.

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