CAMS Provides a Complete Solution for Unified Cloud Management

CAMS provides a complete cloud management solution. This means that you can manage all of your cloud-based services using a single pane of glass.

CAMS for Unified Cloud Managementigroup’s CAMS product delivers a cloud management solution that is comprehensive and unified. This means that it can manage cloud services from different providers, including AWS and Azure, from a single dashboard. This can be extremely helpful for organizations that are using multiple cloud providers, or multiple regions, as it makes it easier to manage and monitor all of your services in one place.

CAMS is also known for its high level of flexibility and customization, which makes it an ideal solution for businesses with unique or complex cloud requirements. Additionally, CAMS is designed for ease of use, making it simpler for organizations to get up and running quickly. For all of these reasons, igroup’s CAMS product is an excellent choice for cloud management.

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Steve Rastall, MD – “CAMS provides a single pane of glass interface for cloud management across AWS & Azure with multiple cloud infrastructure deployments all in one dashboard”

Includes support & advisory services
CAMS offers a choice between essential & professional packages which include support and advisory hours. This means that you will have access to help and guidance from the CAMS team when you need it. This can be extremely helpful for organizations that are new to cloud management or that have complex cloud requirements.

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With igroup’s CAMS product, you get cloud management for all your cloud services from different providers in one place. You are also covered for support and consultancy services so you don’t need multiple contracts with multiple partners. Your CAMS packages gives you the peace of mind that you are covered for all your cloud management needs.

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