Empowers USAopoly With Better Visibility Into Retail Sales and Inventory

Leading game manufacturer has benefitted from six-figure retailer sales increases, more accurate planning and streamlined data management and analysis announced today that USAopoly, the No. 1 specialty game manufacturer and creator of themed versions of some of the most well-known games in the world, is using to combine sell-through, shipment and forecasting data into a single source of truth for more accurate planning, data management time savings and better retail execution – resulting in six-figure sales increases at Target and Amazon. The company also saved an estimated $240,000 from efficiency gains and $80,000 by reducing excess inventory as a result of using the platform.

“Having data that is easily accessible and accurate is critical to understanding what’s working and what’s not, knowing what consumers are buying, making accurate forecasts and getting the right products to the right places at the right time,” said Joel Beal, CEO and co-founder of “That’s where comes into play, and the benefits that USAopoly has derived from having a single source of truth illustrate how powerful unified and accurate data can be.”

“ fits our needs as we transform into a data-first organization, and it fits us culturally given how well both of our teams work together,” said USAopoly CFO and COO Tom Nirschl.

“ is our preferred partner for demand forecasting, sales and inventory data aggregation and building reports based on what’s happening at the point-of-sale”

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USAopoly has created some of the most popular party and family games in the marketplace, such as Tapple, Blank Slate and Telestrations as well as themed versions of such popular games as Clue, Monopoly, Risk and Trivial Pursuit. The company sells games through retailers such as Amazon, Target and Walmart. With, USAopoly is strengthening its relationships and increasing sales with its retailers.

For example, USAopoly used to reveal that a sales decline with a major U.S. retailer was due to the retailer running significantly fewer promotions on USAopoly products then they had run the previous year. USAopoly was able to bring this data to the retailer in order to illustrate the root cause of sales declines and strengthen its partnership with the retailer.

In another instance, USAopoly employed to learn that Amazon was ordering product at below the level of true consumer demand, and the retailer corrected the issue when presented with the findings. Amazon had used historical sales that didn’t account for out-of-stocks from last year to order Blank Slate and other products, not accounting for the fact that the lower sales were actually a function of out-of-stocks. When presented with proof of the recent sales velocity in, Amazon responded by placing an out-of-cadence manual order with USAopoly that was incrementally valued at $412,000.

USAopoly has also benefited from significant time savings as a result of leveraging — resulting in over $240,000 in savings due to efficiency gains from automation. As any data-driven business knows, collecting, combining and preparing data can be an extremely time- and resource-intensive process. But with, companies no longer need to spend massive amounts of time and effort manually downloading and aggregating data – and then cleaning, modeling and harmonizing that data – before they are able to analyze that data.

“The typical process of working with data involves spending about 80% of your time preparing the data and just 20% of your time doing the actual data analysis. For example, every week my team used to dedicate about six hours pulling point-of-sale data from all of our retailers and feeding it into a template for forecasting,” said Eric Richardson, manager of forecasting and data analytics at USAopoly. “But now handles most of that upfront data preparation, so we avoid any potential user error involved with data preparation, our costs are lower, and my team and I can spend a lot more time analyzing data and making business decisions based on that analysis.”

USAopoly has had such a rewarding experience using that it has now adopted’s technology across its organization. Now, employees across USAopoly benefit from up-to-date information that they can easily view and use at any time. The marketing team uses to see immediate sell-through and gauge the value and impact of their digital and print campaigns. Finance employs to get visibility into what’s in the pipeline and to understand whether point-of-sale data is supporting USAopoly’s revenue goals for the year. Meanwhile, provides the company’s purchasing team with more tangible visibility into what’s actually happening in the marketplace so that the members of this team can purchase with confidence, with the correct lead times, and know that data supports these decisions.

“ is our preferred partner for demand forecasting, sales and inventory data aggregation and building reports based on what’s happening at the point-of-sale,” said Richardson. “’s impressive solution allows us to connect directly with our retailers and obtain a unified source of accurate data, and the company’s meticulous attention to detail and personalized approach convinced us that was the right choice.”

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