Adora POS’ Cloud ePOS System Includes CRM Capabilities

CRM helps restaurants stay connected to customers, improve profitability, and achieve success.

In efficient restaurant management, as with business in-general, CRM is an essential and critical tool. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing a business’ relationships and interactions with not only customers but also potential customers.

Especially for restaurants, the concept is basic and simple. An effective CRM system helps restaurants stay connected to customers, streamline their processes, improve profitability, and achieve success.

So it’s timely and important that Adora POS, specializing in corporate and franchise restaurant POS, and widely acknowledged as one of the best restaurant POS softwares available, now offers an ePOS System which includes innovative CRM capabilities.

“The CRM aspects of our Adora ePOS system can be used to manage restaurant customer relationships that include choices, special offers, ordering, delivery, issues, customer satisfaction and other interactions,” explains Kevin Wendland, President and spokesperson for Adora POS.

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“The important restaurant management bottom line is that the Adora ePOS System is a potent way for a restaurant to get to know its customers. The ePOS CRM capability allows a restaurant to keep track of customers, their order history, and last order recall. It is a terrific way to keep every customer feeling like a valued regular,” he adds.

The Adora ePOS system is also a proven boost for a restaurant’s business. It offers the CRM option of providing customers with store level or chain wide credits, as well as the ability to consolidate multiple credits.

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A popular feature of the Adora restaurant ePOS software, and its CRM capabilities, is allowing restaurant owners and managers to access their POS, anytime and from anywhere. All that’s needed is an internet connection.

“No doubt about it,” Adora’s Kevin Wendland says, “Our ePOS CRM is a better way to manage the external interactions and relationships that drive restaurant success.”

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