Amazon Sellers Can Now Automate Official Review Requests

FeedbackFive Releases Scalable Automation Software to Support Amazon Request a Review Messaging System

eComEngine has released automated functionality that integrates with Amazon’s Request a Review messaging system. FeedbackFive, eComEngine’s reputation management tool, has provided compliant feedback and review management for Amazon sellers since 2007. Due to the introduction of the Request a Review button in Amazon Seller Central, merchants needed an easier way to request reviews at scale. eComEngine solved this issue with FeedbackFive’s latest feature.

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Product reviews are critical to the success of an Amazon seller. However, getting reviews in a manner that is compliant with Amazon’s Terms of Service and Communication Guidelines can be challenging for sellers. The Request a Review messaging system in Seller Central allows sellers to have Amazon directly send an email to the buyer asking for product reviews and feedback on the seller’s behalf. The difficulty for sellers was that they had to manually request a review for each individual order, a tedious process involving several steps. Now, sellers can use FeedbackFive to send these requests to buyers at scale. FeedbackFive offers a true “set it and forget it” solution for sellers: once activated, campaigns will continuously submit requests as orders come in.

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This messaging system is different from Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging. For example, the messages sent with the Request a Review system are Amazon compliant by design and cannot be edited. These messages can even be sent by sellers who have been restricted from Buyer-Seller Messaging. The requests are automatically translated into the buyer’s chosen language and can only be sent 4-30 days after the order is delivered.

“With this new feature, FeedbackFive removes the guesswork when it comes to requesting feedback and reviews and staying compliant with Amazon’s policies,” said Jay Lagarde, Founder and President, eComEngine.

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