GoTab Rolls Out New Multi-Level Menu Publishing Features for Multi-Unit Operators

Now offering multi-level publishing with inheritance of some or all attributes, and real-time or manual managed workflow

As restaurant commerce platform GoTab adds more enterprise customers to its portfolio of operators, it continues to develop new and innovative capabilities designed to maximize efficiency and add more flexibility. The latest innovation focuses on menu publishing, and is designed to help multi-unit operators scale and localize their digital menu capabilities.

As enterprise operators look to deliver a consistent experience across all their units, they can set up master digital menus that adhere to brand standards, implement multi-level publishing (from national to regional to local), set up hierarchies and determine which menu attributes can be modified at the store-level. They empower each unit regionally or locally to use modifiers for their own menu customization, while leveraging real-time or manually managed workflow.

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Local customization capabilities give each location control over the attributes they can modify, from pricing to specials, and any taxes and fees that are specific to the location where each unit operates. These features are essential when implementing seasonal menu updates, or when multi-unit operators need to modify dynamic menu parameters such as pricing, ingredients, item descriptions, and more. The inherited menus shared with each unit can be configured to support customization of some or all attributes, allowing, for instance, local operators to modify the name and price of menu items, but not the taxes associated with them. Scheduled or real-time syncing capabilities provide the core group an easy, fast and seamless solution for cascading down timely updates to the core menu(s).

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“Digital menus are essential to today’s hospitality operations, and multi-unit operators certainly need the flexibility to change them on-the-fly,” said GoTab CEO Tim McLaughlin. “With the new menu publishing features we’ve developed, multi-unit operators can save precious time to update their menus across all locations yet provide each unit with flexibility and tools to customize their own offerings,” he added.

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