Soluno – Now Free Collaboration Tool MiTeam Plus

Soluno wants to contribute in society where we can facilitate for customers and other companies in the critical situation we’re in. We hope that this action can facilitate communication within a company or externally. We hope that the tool can help continue sales and new businesses in a troubled economy. Soluno now opens their collaboration service MiTeam Plus, for free to all customers up until the last day of June 2020. This applies to all European countries where Soluno operates.

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The last few weeks have proven what tremendous actions Soluno can contribute with to help future companies, different types of emergencies will appear and companies can stand together with Soluno and be ready to manage the entire company from home. Today our customers use services that cover most of their needs, but today’s situation has proven that many companies are blindsided, vulnerable and aren’t able to manage and activate a good contingency.

Soluno MiTeam Plus is a project management tool that primarily facilitates communication and collaboration through full availability with each other and the company’s ongoing projects. Functions such as chat, document sharing, teleconferences, and video meetings are included. Beyond this, the service is also integrated in Soluno’s standard telephony service which means that we collect all types of communication tools in one and the same platform.

The complete Soluno service allows coworkers and the entire company to become mobile and flexible in their work. This means that all can work from where needed and continue to retain access to necessary work tools. In that way companies can secure their operations regardless of the circumstances.

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How the recent weeks have unraveled in the world, this is something Soluno takes seriously and will work diligently with in the future. Soluno will put in resources to develop current and additional services that can offer companies high availability, great reliability and that can provide long term security. We want to see more customers be prepared for when a situation like this appears, in order to be able to take drastic decisions in working conditions.

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