FinMason Announces FinRiver for the Salesforce AppExchange®

New app by FinMason provides a powerful solution for financial advisors seeking investment analytics, compliance and reporting solutions

FinMason, a FinTech company operating one of the largest and most scalable investment analytics platforms globally, announced today the launch of FinRiver for Salesforce AppExchange®empowering businesses to connect with their customers, partners and employees in entirely new ways. The app will allow users to easily map robust investment analytics into Salesforce fields and leverage a powerful analytics platform to produce informative charts, perform firm-wide compliance screens, analyze risk, construct portfolios, produce client reports, create custom fund information sheets and more.

FinRiver from FinMason

With this new integration, Salesforce customers can add portfolio and position-level investment analytics into Salesforce with a simple and intuitive mapping screen. The app will then update the analytics nightly across all portfolios in the system as well as provide for intra-day, on-demand updates. By combining FinMason’s global, multi-asset analytics platform with Salesforce’s flexible format, robust workflow control, custom reporting and data storage capabilities, advisors can build functionality to:

  • Improve efficiency by creating reports and proposals directly in the environment that forms the backbone of an advisor’s workday.
  • Move to validation-based sales with understandable, flexible and visually appealing proposal generation and robust peer comparison statistics.
  • Build trust and understanding with rapid Monte Carlo projections to visualize outcomes.
  • Enable Workflow and Einstein rules to perform robust compliance screening across the entire organization and track the workflow to make sure those violations get resolved before they become a problem.
  • Enhance an advisor’s brand by building to specifications and corporate look-and-feel.
Kendrick Wakeman

Kendrick Wakeman, CEO of FinMason, stated, “It’s not an off-the-shelf solution. But for those organizations that are adept at customizing Salesforce, they can now build Salesforce into a platform that covers a large part of an advisor’s day while enhancing compliance oversight and top-of-house risk analytics.”

Administrators can enable FinRiver for Salesforce® with a click of a button. A simple mapping screen then allows the administrator to identify where the portfolio objects are located in the system, select which analytics are required and map those analytics to any field in the Salesforce Org. The app will then connect to FinMason nightly and refresh all of their requested analytics so they are available the next morning.

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