Syskit Brings Data Governance in SAAS and a Self-Managed Platform

Company increases deployment flexibility and accelerates time to value for customers.

SysKit, a company focused on developing management and governance platform for Microsoft 365, introduced SysKit Point as a cloud-based SaaS solution. With this product release, IT administrators, security and compliance professionals, and business users can quickly gain a fuller scope of management and governance capabilities in their Microsoft 365 without the need to implement it in their private Azure environment.

“For many Microsoft 365 administrators, a big part of their day-to-day challenge is just keeping up with ongoing system changes, patch and updates management within their environment,” said Toni Frankola, CEO of SysKit. “When deployed as a SaaS implementation, SysKit Point simplifies how they manage, secure, and govern Microsoft 365 without having to take on the additional management of the SysKit platform itself in their Azure environment,” said Frankola. “Updates and patching are fully automated. The advantage is simplicity and a faster time to realize the value of centralized governance.”

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Free trial for both SaaS and self-hosted version in proprietary Azure resources

SysKit Point is available for a 21-day free trial, during which users can explore robust reporting, management features, and security options. Organizations continue to have the option of deploying SysKit Point within their private Azure cloud. They may choose to do so to obtain additional control, such as the ability to set up custom networking and security configurations. Highly regulated businesses may also have internal policies for deployment that require their sensitive systems to be under their direct control.

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“We introduced different types of deployment, as well as annual and monthly pricing to provide our customers with flexibility and enterprise level management and governance capabilities, no matter the size or industry. Since SysKit Point is a highly scalable solution, implementing it enables companies to be strategic when approaching periods of fast growth concerning the rising number of users or workspaces.” Frankola concluded.

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