StormyCloud Reflects on a Year of Challenges and Successes in 2022

Privacy hosting company StormyCloud experienced ups and downs in 2022, adapting to new opportunities .Plans include TOR & I2P hosting and a free privacy VPN.

StormyCloud, a privacy-based hosting company, has had a year full of ups and downs in 2022. Despite facing challenges such as rebuilding their Proxmox cluster twice and navigating congestion issues with their routing platform, StormyCloud was able to adapt and pivot to new opportunities.

One such opportunity was the introduction of the I2P network, which StormyCloud embraced by running I2P nodes on all their servers and eventually creating dedicated servers to handle I2P traffic. This close collaboration with the I2P development team led to StormyCloud being selected as the default Outproxy provider for I2P in August.

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“2022 was a year of ups and downs for StormyCloud,” said Dustin Fields, President at StormyCloud. “But we were able to overcome these challenges and make some significant achievements, including being selected as the default Outproxy provider for I2P.”

Looking ahead to 2023, StormyCloud has ambitious plans to continue working with privacy-focused projects such as Lokinet and the Freenet Project, as well as offering TOR and I2P hosting to the community. The company is also committed to providing a free privacy-based VPN to all users.

“Regardless of what happens, we will continue to fight for the privacy for everyone,” said a representative from StormyCloud.

StormyCloud’s operating expenses for the year totaled $13,029.33, with a net profit of $(4,335.62). Despite this loss, StormyCloud remains committed to building a solid foundation and continuously reassessing and adjusting their business strategy to meet the needs of their customers and the community.

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