Troops Brings HubSpot, Zendesk, Jira, and Intercom Data to Slack and Microsoft Teams announced that its revenue communications platform is now available for HubSpot, Intercom, Zendesk, and Jira enterprise applications and the Microsoft Teams communication and collaboration platform. Partnerships with these leading software companies will allow users to input, retrieve, and take action on customer and prospect data at moments of impact. This new functionality augments existing Troops flagship Salesforce and Slack services.

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Through intelligent, AI-powered “Signals,” salespeople, customer service representatives, product developers, and marketers can receive alerts to critical developments and upcoming milestones on key accounts, immediately collaborate with team members, and take appropriate action—hold group discussions, assign action items to team members, or make changes to customer records—without leaving Microsoft Teams or Slack. Troops, which is used by hyper-growth companies Twilio, DoorDash, Snap, and Shopify, among many others, empowers employees who touch customer and prospect relationships to proactively address potential issues and reach out to clients at the optimal time in their journey. For example:

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  • Sales managers can view all Hubspot or Salesforce records of deals that are set to close in the quarter and confirm with sales reps that they are still on track
  • Managers can provide appropriate coaching to a sales rep whose deal was pushed to the following quarter, according to Hubspot or Salesforce records
  • A Signal can notify reps of unresolved bugs remaining in a pilot in Zendesk that is closing in two weeks
  • When a target progresses to a late stage in the sales cycle, a Signal can trigger creation of a ticket in Jira to start a technical scope
  • Customer care agents can receive immediate notice of an increase in product adoption by a tier 2 customer in Intercom and schedule a call to upsell that client

As a result, customer data from all key CRM, sales, and martech apps come to the right people at the right time in their preferred real-time communications tool.

“With everyone’s workload increasing, companies are demanding more automation. Troops’s automation tools are designed with humans—end users—in mind, empowering employees to automate their own tasks in minutes and scale their effectiveness,” said Ziv Peled, Chief Customer Officer at AppsFlyer. “Troops has done a great job with Salesforce, and I am incredibly excited to use the company’s solution for Zendesk, Intercom, Hubspot, and other apps. With Troops, we respond to customers more quickly, close deals faster, and increase deal sizes by sharing knowledge across our teams at critical junctures.”

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