TINT’s State of UGC Report Reveals 5 Themes Marketers are Embracing in 2021

TINT released their State of User-Generated Content 2021 Report, sharing the emerging strategies leading brands are taking in 2021 to connect with their audience and customers to authentically connect with their audience, build trust, and drive revenue with user-generated content (UGC).

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The allure of high engagement and conversion rates has prompted brands across industries to recognize the power of user-generated content and explore ways to incorporate more of it across their marketing channels. TINT’s research highlights five key themes surrounding UGC, its use, and what to expect in the future.

“We’re honored to present the 2021 State of User-Generated Content report by TINT, a deep look into how brands increasingly elevate the voices of their fans, customers, influencers, and teams – plus winning strategies for the next 12 months and beyond. Our report shows that UGC is more important than ever and contains several surprising findings and actionable tips for taking full advantage of emerging trends,” said Sameer Kamat, CEO of TINT.

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TINT developed the State of User-Generated Content report with survey results conducted with marketing professionals from around the world to learn about their experiences in 2020 and identify the themes driving strategy in 2021.

The survey revealed:

  • Time Crunch Is a Challenge: More than half of marketers (52%) indicated say time is a challenge for creating visual and social media content.
  • Budget Cuts Loom: 51% of respondents had their budgets cut in 2020, with many shifting their strategies to user-generated content to save money and build authenticity.
  • Most Active Audience on Instagram: Nearly 30% of respondents say their target audience is the most active on Instagram.
  • Relatability Drives Influencer Marketing Strategy: 75% of marketers work with influencers with less than 1,000 followers

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