Scratchpad Studio Helps Revenue Operations Take the Complexity Out of the Sales Tech Stack

Latest Product Innovation Maximizes Investments in Salesforce by Unlocking Process Adoption, Driving Better Data Hygiene, and Consolidating Sales Tools, All in One Workspace

Scratchpad, Inc., pioneer and leader of the revenue team workspace, announced the immediate availability of Scratchpad Studio—the world’s first Revenue Operations toolkit designed for revenue and sales operations leaders to take the complexity out of their tech stack, drive process adoption, and close the gap in data growing outside of Salesforce.

Complexity exists in every company. More people, changes in workflows, new processes, and tools create complexity that distracts sales teams from revenue growth. For salespeople, this creates time consuming administrative work. As a result, reps work outside of their company’s core systems leading to poor process adherence and data hygiene, bad handoffs, unreliable forecasts, lost sales, and customer churn.

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“Most companies believe managing complexity requires more guardrails, processes, tools, and people. But what many don’t realize is they are solving for the symptoms of complexity rather than the root cause,” says Pouyan Salehi, CEO and co-founder of Scratchpad. “We launched Scratchpad in 2018 with a mission to make salespeople happy and to help them produce more revenue by reducing complex admin work. We’re now doing the same for Revenue Operations teams with Scratchpad Studio; a new experience for configuring frictionless processes reps love, designing workflows for seamless handoffs, driving data hygiene best practices, and bringing the revenue team together to collaborate in one place that’s always connected to Salesforce.”

Nearly every sales organization has made massive investments in their CRM and sales tech stack, but with limited results. For the first time ever, companies can unlock and realize the value from those investments with Scratchpad Studio. Revenue Operations can trust processes are followed enthusiastically by their reps, gain visibility into every update in Salesforce, forecast more accurately, and ramp reps faster, resulting in happier and more productive sales teams.

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Scratchpad Studio is immediately available with new functionality including:

  • Role Designer: Revenue Operations can custom design frictionless workflows for every salesperson on the revenue team through a tailored workspace reps love to use that follows processes needed to improve data hygiene in Salesforce.
  • Cards: Revenue Operations and Sales Enablement teams can create battle cards, sales playbooks, and competitive intel, giving reps contextual information helpful during customer calls. Integrations with best-in-class sales enablement tools are coming soon.
  • Automations: Revenue Operations can send actionable alerts to Slack and the Scratchpad Inbox to help teams celebrate wins, notify reps of opportunities missing next steps, alert Revenue Operations to opportunities missing fields, deals with no activity, and more. Automations eliminate the need for single-use Slack bots that only create noise and aren’t actionable by reps.
  • Notes Sync: Revenue Operations can configure Scratchpad notes to automatically sync changes to sales notes with Salesforce, improving data visibility and empowering Reps to move faster.
  • Conditional Highlighting: Revenue Operations and Enablement can instantly see which opportunities are missing methodology details instead of drilling into every opportunity one by one. Conditional Highlighting further reduces dependencies on spreadsheets or expensive forecasting tools.

Scratchpad has continued to experience unprecedented growth, recently announcing a surge in word-of-mouth customer love, and recognition as the #1 trending software for Sales Performance Management Software by G2. Scratchpad continues its rapid pace of innovation with recent products such as the first Sales Inbox and Deal Alert System and the first Commenting System Designed for Revenue Teams. Scratchpad secured $33 million in Series B funding pre-empted by Craft Ventures earlier this year.

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