Rally Raises $6M in Seed Funding to Modernize the E-commerce Checkout Experience

Headless Checkout Solution Gives Power Back to Merchants to Maximize Conversion and Increase Revenue by 12 Percent

Rally Commerce Inc., the headless, one-click checkout solution for digital merchants, today announced it has secured $6 million in seed funding to upgrade the e-commerce buying experience and build a decentralized e-commerce ecosystem. Rally combines headless commerce technology with Web3 principles to put merchants in full control over their tech stack and increase revenue by up to 12 percent.

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The funding round was led by Felix Capital, Rainfall Ventures, Long Journey Ventures, Afore Ventures and Commerce Ventures, investors with deep e-commerce expertise who have collectively backed Affirm, Mirakl, Farfetch, Forter, Webflow and Robinhood.

The team behind Rally previously built CartHook, a checkout solution which processed nearly $3 billion in sales. After successfully scaling, the team is now launching Rally to shift power away from platforms and toward merchants and app developers. Rally’s checkout is an optimized, platform-agnostic solution that unifies headless frontend and backend technologies. Merchants can replace their existing traditional checkouts with Rally’s, or build fully headless experiences with Rally as the checkout and orchestration layer.

“We put merchants and app developers at the center and in control of a modern commerce ecosystem,” said Jordan Gal, co-founder and CEO of Rally. “Merchants are too often forced to accept the mediocre checkouts provided to them by underlying platforms, and app developers are subservient to the platforms they build for. It’s time we fix both.”

With e-commerce growing rapidly during the pandemic reaching a predicted nearly $1 trillion in 2021, direct-to-consumer and traditional retailers are focused on providing a smooth, trustworthy buying experience online.

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“The headless commerce space is booming as merchants and investors recognize the potential to create seamless and unique customer experiences across all touch points,” said Joseph Pizzolato, investor, Felix Capital. “Companies like CommerceTools, Nacelle, Fabric and Bolt are revolutionizing the old e-commerce stack, driving record funding inflows and sky-high valuations. We see Rally in the same category. Jordan and team are fully reimagining the checkout process and are in good company to shape the future of e-commerce.”

To serve merchants seeking simplicity, speed and conversion in their e-commerce stack, Rally’s checkout solution is fully-optimized and securely vaults customer data for one-click checkout. Shoppers provide their payment information once and then easily check out with one click on any site in the Rally network. Merchants can also make “post-purchase” offers after the initial checkout page, driving up to 12 percent of new revenue. Rally is actively building out backend and frontend integrations to support its holistic headless vision. The company also plans to build out its Web3 feature set to coordinate with an ecosystem of contributors.

“We’re offering merchants a better conversion rate with higher average order value (AOV) and the freedom to build their businesses according to their needs,” added Gal. “We’re building for the long term and see a huge opportunity to modernize and decentralize e-commerce, with Rally playing a major role.”

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