Mindtickle Launches Its Revenue Productivity Platform With a Suite of Enablement and Revops Solutions

Mindtickle Announces New Releases Intended to Rally Enablement and RevOps Around Key Drivers of Sales Productivity

Mindtickle, the global leader in revenue enablement technology, today announced the release of new capabilities designed to make it easier for revenue organizations to align all revenue teams around critical drivers of productivity. The announcement unveils Mindtickle’s revenue productivity platform with solution suites built for both enablement and rev ops teams.

Mindtickle will introduce the release tomorrow as part of their digital event called “Time for a Revenue Productivity Rally: Mindtickle’s Spring 2023 Announcement.” The event will feature Mindtickle customers, leadership, and keynote speaker Steffaney Zohrabyan, all speaking about how revenue organizations can jumpstart revenue productivity by aligning their revenue teams around two key productivity drivers: 1) developing critical skills faster, and 2) leveraging a more relevant set of data points to achieve revenue goals more reliably.

Speaking about today’s release, Mindtickle President of Go-to-Market, Eric Anderson, said, “When the chips are down, the best teams pull off their best performances. To rally your team to increase revenue productivity, your customer-facing teams need the right skills to perform when it matters most, and they need their leaders to make smart, data-informed decisions to put them in the right positions to succeed. That’s exactly what this release is designed for.”

Mindtickle’s Spring 2023 release includes:

  • Centralized access to all revenue productivity solutions – Right within Mindtickle, revenue organizations can now access sales readiness, sales content management, conversation intelligence, sales forecasting, and coaching tools in one unified view.

  • Custom content sharing & tracking – Easily create and share custom content with buyers Personalize collateral to make it specific to each account without losing marketing-approved messaging or design.

  • Faster launching of enablement programs – With new advanced templatization, ready-to-deploy content, and automated content sync throughout the Mindtickle platform, enablement teams are launching expert programs in less than half the time.

  • Post-call reports via Generative AI – Mindtickle makes it easier for reps to follow up on customer conversations. After a call, reps get automated call summaries, insights, and next-best actions so they can write emails or create buyer engagement experiences easily.

  • Smart content attribution & revenue impact data – Understand the impact that content has on real deals in the field. Correlate content engagement with revenue outcomes to inform your strategies for developing and deploying content.

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Regarding the releases, Krishna Depura, co-founder and CEO of Mindtickle said, “Mindtickle is driving revenue outcomes for our customers by focusing on not just sellers, but all the teams that impact revenue retention and growth. By aligning your revenue enablement and ops teams around the same goals, strategies, and data, our customers are rallying for productivity. In the future we see Enablement and Operations working even closer together on the shared goal of changing rep behaviors in the field..”

Steffaney Zohrabyan, a leader in sales enablement innovation at Cisco and the keynote speaker at the live announcement tomorrow, emphasized how critical this alignment is to success in the modern revenue organization:

“Hoping for a few star sellers or miracle last-second deals to meet your number is going to lead to disappointment quarter after quarter. You need a full team of players who are coached on the right skills, and you need to use data to put them in optimal positions to impact revenue where it can be most productively impacted. That means enablement and ops need to work closely together toward shared goals-–the core revenue outcomes the company needs.”

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The digital event was the first of two product announcements planned for this year. The date and theme for the Fall 2023 event will be announced this summer.

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