FROGED Continues to Build Strong Momentum with their Product Success Platform with 369% Growth in the US Market

FROGED the award-winning Product Success Platform announced that they have successfully grown their client base in the US market by 369 % with the traffic growth by 60% in 2022. This European based female led startup has created a tool focused on Customer Success and Support departments to increase retention and reduce churn rate in SaaS business models.

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“FROGED was born to be a Game Changer. It means the evolution of Customer Success and Support for the world to come, based on the foundations of Human Powered Technology. We believe in Technology and we believe in Humanity and that entails a huge commitment in everything we do.” said Emily G.-Cebrián, CEO and Co-founder of FROGED.

The company attributes their significant growth to their first ever in the market Product Success Platform, a SaaS software tool that helps SMBs improve important metrics: Product Adoption Rate, Engagement Rate, Retention Rate & Churn Rate. With the addition of a New Head of Sales and an outbound sales team in the US time zone, FROGED is reaching US based SaaS and subscription-based platforms that need to retain customers and offer them proactive support to scale their business models.

FROGED Co-founder Emily has been nominated as one of FORBES Spain most creative entrepreneurs in 2022. With a 4X growth in 2 consecutive years, FROGED foresees a 2023 with special focus in the US market where they expect to rapidly expand all types of connections (clients, collaborators and investors)

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