Aviso Launches Real-Time Revenue Analytics Features and Expands into 3 new Categories with G2

Aviso, the AI revenue operating system that guides Sales and GTM teams has announced real-time advanced revenue analytics capabilities as it starts its new fiscal year, and also announced its AI platform is now listed in 4 G2 marketplace categories. With these added capabilities, Aviso brings together more aspects of next-generation CRM: time-series data, adaptive insights, and contextual actions, for each and every member of a revenue team.

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Since its leadership change in 2019 with a new President and CEO, Trevor Rodrigues-Templar, Aviso has driven extensive product and platform innovations including the filing of 8 patents, the launch of Black Swan forecasting risk indicators, and an updated Auto Machine Learning platform. Fortune 500 leaders such as Honeywell, HPE Silver Peak, Dell, and Microsoft GitHub have embraced virtual guided selling with Aviso’s unified revenue workspace, which brings together forecasting, deal management, conversational intelligence, people intelligence, team and customer collaboration, pipeline analysis, virtual selling rooms, and more.

Aviso is happy to announce its emergence into four total categories on the software review platform G2. The debut of three new categories on G2 includes the AI Sales Assistant, Sales Performance Management, and Conversational Intelligence sectors, and reflects Aviso’s high ratings with customers, prospects, and G2’s research team, which determine categories. These new arrivals serve as welcome expansions to Aviso’s current leadership in the category of Sales Analytics.

“Aviso adds science and intelligence to my instincts, helping me solve the problem of forecast accuracy. The company and I benefit from having much more confidence in our forecast.” – Aviso user on G2

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What I like best about Aviso are its AI insights into what opportunities I should be focusing on and Pipeline Analytics that show me how fast/slow my deals are moving along. With Aviso, I feel like I actually have a consultant that coaches me on the most important things about my current pipeline.” – Aviso user on G2

Simultaneously, Aviso is thrilled to unveil its new AI Adaptive Metrics. Working closely with our customers during the pandemic, Aviso developed AI Adaptive Metrics to aid Sales leaders with real-time analytics that go beyond traditional reports and BI. Companies are shifting to data-driven risk mitigation and Aviso’s advanced metrics help with the shift away from static and stale data views. These analytics cover not only forecasting and deal and pipeline management; they also work with Aviso’s People Intelligence, which is built upon a continuously updating people graph of the professional world and is a source of truth all customers benefit from.

With Adaptive Metrics, Aviso can notify users of key changes in their business, working across both teams’ “digital exhaust” and public data sources. Users can query Aviso to answer strategic questions such as “How do today’s activities affect tomorrow’s results?”. These metrics are available within Aviso’s Reporting and Analytics module as well as via persona specific nudges delivered on email, mobile app, and web/desktop interfaces.

Aviso’s advanced revenue analytics incorporate both implicit and explicit signals across the revenue cycle, from lead generation to decision maker engagement, procurement and legal close, and the customer success expansion cycle. Aviso has built and continuously optimizes a federated architecture with an orbit of data, making it easy to bring data from external partners within Aviso and expose Aviso data in external systems and communication channels. Aviso partners include Amazon Web Services, Moxtra, Salesforce, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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