SalesIntel Surpasses 20 Million 95% Accurate Human-Verified B2B Decision Makers; Announces 7x International Expansion

SalesIntel continues its 2023 data expansion with a 58% increase in human-verified decision-maker contacts in the past six months.

SalesIntel, the leading go-to-market intelligence platform, continues its rapid data expansion, eclipsing 20 million human-verified 95% accurate decision-maker contacts, including 13 million in North America. Additionally, the company announced a 7x expansion in International contact data, adding over 36 million, including 4 million human-verified decision makers.

This latest news adds to the list of data expansion accomplishments in 2023, enabling up to a 5x improvement in go-to-market efficiency, including:

  • 300 million account technographic and firmographic data points helping to define and quantify the ideal customer profile in both account and contact data terms
  • PredictiveIntent Data, a new signal generated using the latest AI models and billions of time series events data, user behavior, browsing history, and technology install data. Predictive Intent is additive to the existing Bombora partnership to help surface in-market prospects and steal leads ahead of competition
  • News data and alerts for 22 million accounts allow sales teams to prospect with knowledge of new initiatives, job changers, and more

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“In making the switch from ZoomInfo to SalesIntel, the quality of data with SalesIntel, the reliability, the cost-effectiveness, the amount of features, and the customer support is just so far beyond what we were experiencing when we were at ZoomInfo.”- Brittany Olsson, VP Growth, Why we switched ZoomInfo for SalesIntel

Combined with SalesIntel’s revolutionary unlimited pricing plan, the rapid expansion of comprehensive, actionable B2B data freely accessible through the end of 2023 offers B2B go-to-market teams an amazing opportunity to close the year strong. With over 15 years of experience providing ethically sourced and compliant first-party B2B data to the world’s biggest brands, SalesIntel is now a superior alternative to existing solutions.

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“The B2B industry is ripe for disruption as customers plead for better quality data, more actionable data, and a true partnership from their B2B intelligence provider,” comments Manoj Ramnani, CEO and founder of SalesIntel. “Via data expansion, unlimited data and enrichment, and world-class customer service, we are the partner the industry needs to close 2023 strong and prepare for a return to growth in 2024 and beyond.”

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