Free URL shortener is the first to support deep links, branded URLs, and advanced statistics

Short URLs and deep links are powerful marketing tools that drive click-through rates, sharing, and conversions. is the first free service to combine branded short URLs, deep links, UTM tags, simple landing pages, and reliable statistic reports all in one easy-to-use interface.

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Short URLs are an essential tool for marketers, SMM managers, app developers, and any other offline business that wants to promote its services online, be it a store, restaurant, delivery company, or another business. Short URLs are easy to share, save on characters, and look more trustworthy than long URLs. Good shorteners also allow one to collect click data to track the effectiveness of campaigns.

Unfortunately, with most URL shorteners, one has to pay to access most of these benefits. The features on free plans are limited to short URL creation and unreliable click-count tracking. is the first URL shortener to offer a wide range of premium features for free, including branded URLs, customizable deep links, UTM tags, advanced real-time statistics, and other options that until now could be found only on paid platforms, if at all.

Created by a major provider of SMS software

The service was developed by the London-based company Intis Telecom, one of the leading international providers of bulk messaging solutions. Its bulk SMS campaigns range from retail marketing offers to automated alerts of package deliveries or flight delays.

Intis Telecom originally designed as an addition to its SMS solutions. Short URLs are essential for SMS marketing, since text messages impose rigid restrictions on the number of characters. The new shortener was an instant success, and Intis Telecom decided to make it available to the general public as a stand-alone solution.

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Branded short URLs

A regular short URL contains a random alphanumeric string. For example, an address like can be shortened to allows users to create branded links featuring a memorable short text, such as

Such links look more native and trustworthy, users are more willing to share them, and they can be easily printed on any medium, from mugs to hoodies. allows users to create custom branded links for free. It’s even possible to generate a QR code with the link. One can choose from 30 domains to use instead of, such as,, and so forth.

For campaigns that don’t yet have a dedicated page, users can create custom landing pages directly within The landing page builder includes ready-made templates with images, YouTube videos, date and time pickers, reviews, and more.

Advanced statistics

Precise reporting is arguably’s biggest strength. It counts clicks in real time and provides a detailed picture of every click, with the visitor’s location, IP address, device type, time and length of visit, and so on.

Data can be filtered by country, date, device, link, and more. It’s possible to display the report results on a chart or export them as an Excel or CSV file.

The easiest way to track campaign performance with is with UTM tags – short pieces of code that specify the source of traffic. features UTM templates for popular sources like Facebook and Google Ads, though users can also create their own. When using short URLs as part of an SMS campaign, it’s possible to assign a unique UTM to every phone number on the messaging list.

Free deep link generator

Apart from short URLs, can also generate deep links. A deep link directs a user to a specific section of a mobile app as opposed to opening a web page in the browser. Deep links can improve conversion rates and increase in-app time.

For instance, a deep link can lead to an Instagram profile, Amazon product page, or Telegram chat. If the user doesn’t have the necessary app installed, they are taken to its App Store or Play Store download page. As soon as they install the app, the user is redirected to the specific page or section the deep link points to

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